Rocket Girls (at 10)

June 9th, 2007 by Author

I’ve got a bunch of notes here. I have screenshots for all of them, but unfortunately, the standard shot size is too big for having lots of them; if I downscale them, captions become unreadable. I’ll have to think how to handle supposed core of the blog in the future…

  • I thought that the hat and the dress made Akane look like Osaka, but it was fairly fleeting. They are nothing alike.
  • Akane attributes to Gagarin the comparison of Earth with a veiled bride. I don’t recall him saying that, but who knows, maybe the creators dug it out somewhere.
  • RG sure loves to resolve dangling ends. When Akane reached for her checkbook two episodes back, I thought that she is a case of parential abandonment. Not so! RG defies anime stereotypes unintentionally, I’m sure. But it’s still nice. BTW, I thought Japanese abandoned checkbooks ages ago in favor of plastic cards. Interesting.
  • Why are ending credits for the cast are in English, while credits for staff are in Japanese?
  • Why is it wrong to eat chips with chopsticks? The screenshot of Yukari snatching the can is awesome…
  • There’s a cutaway view of the capsule in ep.10, with the movable engine and all.
  • “Pluto’s not even considered a planet anymore.”
  • I think I heard a pan when Director said “… Akane-kun da”. He made the “n” long and thus it sounded like “nda”, an explanation or announcement.
  • According to eyecatch data, Mangosteen can do 800 m/s of delta-V. I don’t know if the retrofire is accounted, unfortunately. This is a reasonable figure and greater than, for example, Soyuz can do. For comparison, I calculated once that an orbital plane change from 56 deg. (Baykonur and thus ISS) to 41 deg. where Bigelow space station is planned required 1300 m/s.
  • My gawd, the Rock Lee pose! Must blog about Naruto’s greatness.

I also had a bunch of notes from older episodes which I kept suppressed at the old blog, but can dump now.

  • Yukari turns her head while in the centrifuge. This is actually a bad lapse of realism. If you do that, your sense of balance gets damaged and only recovers after several days. You can’t walk during that period of time.
  • Had Matsuri actually have gone to the Cocos Island? I think it’s possible, because there’s plenty of land in between the Solomons and Cocos. Tor Heyerdal probably could do it, at least one way. But realistically speaking? I think it was a poetic exaggeration.
  • Why is Yukari’s mom using a culman? A possible answer is, she’s actually a big shot and likes it that way… And there’s a monkey employee which digitizes her work and puts it into a CAD.
  • The skintight suit is not a fiction, oddly enough. I learned about it while reading about the glove competion when Rand Simberg has just proposed it.