Mahoraba is crap

July 8th, 2007 by Author

I love Mahoraba, I really do. But I love it despite its many shortcomings.

For example, the reflection in the image below pisses me off (I don’t think it spoils, even if you look very closely… Those who haven’t seen it may try to guess what is going on. But even if you win, it’s not a big deal.):

Retarded animators did this.

Have the animators ever seen a mirror?! I can understand that animators may not know how dog’s snout looks when someone stuffs a ball of medicine down its throat [^1], but mirror is far more common and simpler to draw, one might think!

So, I am trying to be cautious and avoid recommending Mahoraba. I don’t want to be responsible to disappointment. If you are ready to fall in with the magic, good, it will be a fun ride. If you turn away, no problem from my side. You can have an impeccable anime taste and not care for Mahoraba in the same time.

^1: It is a story, possibly apocryphical, commonly told about studio Ghibli. When Mr. Miyazaki wanted Haku to look like an angry dog, his staff was unable to fulfill his wish, because none of them have seen a snarling dog well enough with their mind’s eye to re-create it for the movie.