Addendum on Mangosteen’s specs

August 21st, 2007 by Author

When Shuttle landed today, the deorbit burn continued for 213 seconds and 246 mph of delta-V, or 109 m/s. According to an eyecatch around ep.11 or so, Mangosteen was specced for 800 m/s with Akane and Yukari onboard. This is the excess performance which allowed it to reach a 3000 km apogee (although, remember that SSA makes OMS to fire for circularization, so that ate some of the delta-V).

One odd thing that bothers me is how the probe was supposed to be in a nearly circular 3000 km orbit, but Mangosteen did no circularization burn, as far as I can tell. If so, they should have had a significant velocity differential at the point of meeting. Oh well, artistic license. They showed Shuttle firing wrong engines in space, but that was expected. Everyone does it.