Shingu ends

August 21st, 2007 by Author

Not much to report, it is all written elsewhere already. I’m even going to postpone the normal Liked/Rewatch mark until some test of time. Ditto for the decision if it’s on the level of Stellvia.

One curious thing about Shingu is the wheels-inside-wheels jokes, such as the Magistrate.

I think Wennul was right that a human (or even a regular alien) is not trustworthy with this kind of power. An unexpectedly profound thought for a product of empire, I might add. If we presume that Tatsuo Sato spoke with his mouth, this was not a small amount of foreshadowing, too.

UPDATE: Steven writes that this entry is designed to torture him. I can only take it as an indication of interest in my opinion about the series, which is flattering, certainly. I admit, he influences my coverage of Shingu a great deal, primarily because I do not want to repeat things which you can read in the review or TMW.

Regarding the OP, I still think that it’s a good match and it translates the feel well, or at least the Tatsuo Sato’s vision for the series, according to the interview in the booklet. About the preview function, I have to ask myself if I deceived Nick; the majority of “elements” are missing from the OP (such as the spaceships and battles), and same goes for the majority of characters. But at a minimum I maintain that the OP has set my expectations correctly. The school is the center of the series, there can be no doubt about it. What is the final frame? The school.