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August 24th, 2007 by Author

Kabitzin posts how he switched to the full RSS feed.

The biggest reason for the change? I finally tried out Google Reader. And you know what? Not getting a full RSS feed totally sucks. It makes you just want to unsubscribe from the feed right away, instead of clicking on the link to read the whole thing. I realized that few people use an RSS reader as a headline aggregator instead of as a reader. Obvious in hindsight, I know.

I used an RSS reader for years and somehow a limited RSS feed is usually not an issue for me. I have ever run across one exception, http://www.transterrestrial.com/index.xml, where the cut-off was set low enough to make the feeed useless. Coincidentially, Transterrestrial has a broken feed in general: their server sends wrong caching information. Seriously, only one broken blog in the whole blogosphere. By contrast, the WP’s cut-off of 120 words seems eminently reasonable to me. Animeblogger Antenna cuts at 100 and so Antenna readers do not even know if I feed full or limited.

Ani-nouto started with a full feed, and pretty soon the bandwidth figures became really odd, with feed pulling some 20% of bandwidth or so. It looked as if something was fetching improperly… So I switched the feed over. There was no reader feedback of any kind about the switch. Current traffic looks approximately like this:

What Req Bytes% Comment
images 11729 68.16% You’d think it would clock 90%, but no.
feed 5407 2.73% N.B. This includes aggregators and gets re-pulled often.
root 4986 7.85% Quite a number of people still reload in browser.
CSS 4667 9.64% Oh wow, full 1/10th is in adournments.
archive 3988 7.25% Search results and feed click-into.

This is more or less acceptable. I suppose I can switch the full feed back on and watch if robots beat the crap out of the site again.

UPDATE: Right after planting doubts in my heart about limited RSS, Kabitzin went on to undermine his credibility by enabling trackbacks. Obviously he has no clue about blogs… and why trackbacks must always be disabled (my pet theory is that the anime blogsphere is undeveloped, low traffic blogosphere; nobody would even think to ask why a political blog had no comments, but I get asked that all the time). Nonetheless, I’m going to re-enable the full feed as an experiment.