Owen on H&C live action

August 26th, 2007 by Author

Owen pans Honey & Clover live action movie, and it’s quite amusing. BTW:

Sitting down to watch it with a small group of close friends, I viewed it again through the eyes of a newcomer to Chika Umino’s colourful little world. Yes, it’s very pretty, but what does it do?

Coincidently, this was my reaction to the original 2005 series. Apropos that, I remember a post to Usenet about Divergence Eve:

300 years from now humanity will be defended by hot chicks with ginormous tatas piloting lame looking mechs. After five episodes, I still don’t understand anything else about this OVA.

It seems that H&C produces a similar kind of confusion in its original form. Trying to compress it into a movie seems impossible from the outset.

Although… There was a Russian 2-hour movie War and Piece, which received a positive critical acclaim. I guess it’s just a matter of director knowing what to cut (Peter Jackson probably does, at least somewhat).

UPDATE: Seen at AD2225:

Personally I’m not yet tired of all the mirrors and parallels drawn between the characters. Different circles of relationships and repeating history and, it’s really quite layered.

It really is twisted, just like I remembered.