Narue begins… and ends

August 30th, 2007 by Author

I wanted to write that I never watched anything quite as dumb as The World of Narue, but actually I have: the original Futakoi. And Futakoi was more pleasant to watch.

Liked: No (lasted for 3 episodes)
Rewatch: No

UPDATE: Evirus is not happy. I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree. I hated Asuka too (I only saw the movie version, and I heard that she was more bearable in the main series… Nonetheless.).

That said, I completely copped out of explaining Narue’s failings. Saying “dumb” is not acceptable. Futakoi really was dumb, but dumbness of Futakoi was different; it had more to do with characters doing dumb things, saying dumb things, and having dumb feelings. Narue’s characters are infantile, but charmingly so. They are not stupid.

It’s easier to complain in writing about the story with aliens being preposterous. I am not sure if the criminal dude should be included though. The majority of criminals on Earth act in similarly dumb and irrational ways. What to say about aliens!

But the real problem is harder to pinpoint. It’s some kind of a pall of generic lameness hanging over the story. It seems like a kind of execution found in stage plays for kids.

UPDATE: Now Stephen says that I was “snide“. If I wanted to play rough, I could mention the space wind and its results… If anything, I was kind to the series above.