To Heart ends

September 29th, 2007 by Author

When this show started, I was more than a little concerned just how they would wrap it up after a long chain of “girl of the week” episodes. In the end, Shiho (CV: Chieko Higuchi) delivered an outstanding performance, which was a fitting crown for the series. So, there was really no contest for the One Screencap selection.

The rest is just details.

Sometimes when you watch an eroge adaptation, you cannot really tell (like in Yoakena/Crescent). To Heart is the opposide: it tells “eroge, eroge, eroge” every other scene. To start with, there’s a lot of women, and each of them is presented as a potential love interest. Sometimes it’s rather blatant, too (e.g. Rio, the second osananajimi). Their stories do not intertwine, so it’s not like a show with big cast, such as Naruto. Instead, each episode we get to know one haremette, and then move on to the next branch of the game.

Some of the stories raise questions. For example, what is Aoi’s (葵) pennance if she loses to Ms. Sakashita? There’s none! She did not even promise to return to her old dojo. Also, the point of Multi’s return is lost on me (it allows her to attend the final party in plot terms, but is this justified?)

The animation quality is rather good. It is cell based (with digital steam), and is often simplified, but the corners are cut in an inoffensive way. Only ep.12 is overloaded with still images enough to irritate.

Language is rather tough, surpisingly. Especially I flounder when characters lead me into the uncharted waters of casual conditionals: 私行っちゃいけないです (said by Kotone in ep.7). The insiduous use of casual and capping it with formal copula is something I am starting to handle, but the “cha” is still tough. Anyway, students are advised to watch Lucky Star.

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Maybe for Shiho.

P.S. Reading the above I see that I should note, Shiho is not my “favourite”. I cannot stand girls with show business inclinations. It’s a nasty, dog eat dog environment. Which one then? All girls are sympathetic in To Heart, but if I had to select which branch to play first based on the anime, I would probably explore Kotone. But hopefuly the game makes it difficult, you know?

UPDATE: Linkage: Suguru — likes the animation, ignores all the stills and pans.