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Shamus is dead

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I mean, he is dead for me (I learned this joke from an online comic “PvP”, so it may be offensive, I cannot know (but I’m not claiming that anyone who fails to laugh with me is racist)).

Seriously though… Shamus wrote a few things about anime, but then gaming swallowed him. I think that feeling helpless in the face of the gaming borg made me bitter and resentful towards gamers.

P.S. I tried to find “dead for me” strip, but instead I found a joke about Ranma (actually it’s a joke about panda, but still). PvP itself is dead for me too.

UPDATE: This happens often enough. Here’s what Sama Zama wrote:

So, I guess college life doesn’t lend itself to anime reviewing. Someone should have warned me. Thus, I have literally been anime-free for about…a year. I have not touched or even glimpsed at anything anime-related. No blogs, no sites, no nothing. I got a job at an EB Games across from campus and focused my mania entirely on video games, and forsook my poor animated hobby.

“Racism” under every bed

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Was reading a funny article by Hinano and saw this:

I mean I know I get annoyed when people write articles that Russia is a refrigerator 365 days a year so everyone wears those wooly hats and dances the russian dance to keep warm.

I don’t get annoyed by this, but my reaction would be exactly like Sugiyama’s (who probably was annoyed). The retarded things embedded westerners write about Russia are fairly amazing to natives. It looks like being a bona fide scholar and teaching Russian culture only serves to add irony to the misconceptions. I would not be at all surprised if Japanese felt the same amusement.

On, and by the way, why is this “racism”? Where is the discrimination? Richardson shows exactly zero evidence of any racism. He wasn’t docked salary /stipend or reassigned somewhere to shut him up. Frankly, I’m sick of people who stick “racism” into every hole they can find.

UPDATE: J.P. Meyer also has something to say about it. I’m amazed the most at the “J-List e-mails”. Could it be that the foremost source of J-porn on the Net started the same way as Craigslist?

Owen on Bamboo Blade

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Seen at Owen’s:

You could call it Hidamari Lite, with swords.

Witty, I liked it. Although, on second thought, it’s not as useful as I wish. It does not tell us much about the anime writ large. All Owen is trying to transmit here is how one of the nominally equal cast members is a de facto main character. Hidamari was different though: Yunocchi is the main character de jure. Tama’s role is more like the one played by Mikan in Manabi.

Nitpicking for LOLz

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Seen in Stripey’s hiatus notice:

Kodomo no jikan – More about Rin’s dark past would be nice. For Rin to be so liberal, I hope it’s not because she was sexually abused when young. Looking forward to Rin growing out of her cynicism via her increased contact with the idealistic sensei.

So, if kids get sexually abused, they become to oppose the death penalty and support the minimum wage. I always wondered how that happened, but now I know (insert the emoticon here).

Actually, it’s an interesting set of one-sentence perspectives for the Autumn series. Stripey busts ef for the visual clutter, etc.

Anime pulls a Lucas

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Zyl catalogs updates that an episode of Nanoha StrikerS received between TV and DVD. Keeping an anime in a digital master (and not on a Betamax tape) invites such post-factum editing. Naruto was famously edited to remove excessive blood for the U.S. broadcast, which created quite a steer among fans. But more to the point, some corrective edits were applied (see ep.19 side-by-side at Anime-editz). I wonder if eventually we’ll be getting our anime as software and pay monthly subscription rates for “updates” which make up for common DVD player crashing, sound being corrupt, etc. Gamers have to deal with games unplayable without a patch today, so why not anime fans. This post should’ve been titled “Anime pulls Sony 1.92”.

Minami-ke down

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

After the Sketchbook squeaked it by, Minami-ke is the first abandonment of the season. It is also a first-episode abandonment, which I haven’t had in a long while (I’m a big believer into giving anime a chance). The main problem is Kana, who imitates the worst of Miu from Ichino Mashimaro.

Minami-ke’s art leaves a strange impression. It looks simplified, sometimes horribly so. I’d compare it with Crescent Love (Yoakena), although counting formally, it should be a small step above. It has no SD. To wit, bad noses, good eyes (actually I liked eyes a lot). The scaled-down shots look ok, so perhaps it’s an effect of the resolution.

The show is not without its good poits. I laughed out loud at the kiss-o-rape, for one thing. Also, Kana’s pretentious Japanese could be quite funny. Nonetheless, watching her was too excuriating to continue.

FRIDGE: I’m so good. It’s the same goddamn studio! They seem to be improving… Or perhaps an injection of money helped. However, I stayed with Crescent Love for 8 episodes. I guess characters are more important than the art.

Jason has it made

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I saw an interesting post at AoMM. It is, unfortunately, meta – a bloggage about blogging – but it’s pretty insightful. The other time I’d toss up a post “Jason on blogging” and engage in nitpicking. But what attracted my attention today was the lead picture: I can only think of it as a fanart for AoMM (for those who do not want to open a new tab, the picture illustrates the recent slogan of the blog). I admit freely that I’m jealous; I’m not at a point where anyone would send me a picture of a 0.7mm pencil. Way to go, Jason, and godspeed.

UPDATE: It looks that I misunderestimated the scope of the slogan change. AoMM is no more; it is DbD now. I seem to remember vaguely that Jason used to write “Hand of Glory” at (the domen was captured by squatters since), so it’s not the first change-over.

UPDATE: The hive-mind reminded that the above is wrong: “Hand of Gory” was written by Zyl. I am not good at remembering things, sorry. Jason’s old blog was “Toybox”.

Sketchbook begins somewhat

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Sketchbook ~full color~ fails to grab me. Yunocci was a far more appealing character than Sora.

Since the Sketchbook comes with recommendations by Jeff, Astro, and Don, it should be worth watching, but at the first glance it seems to miss any kind of special ingredient.

The out-of-play skits such as those shown by Astro were great, but even then Hidamari had them beat when Yuno was delirious. In any case they are not sufficient to carry the anime for me. I like little moments like the one with sparrow better.

And BTW, references? Please. I had enough of that shit in Lucky Star.

This show teeters on the list by the skin of its teeth.

P.S. In a tragic turn of fate, Doremi subs both Sketchbook and Bamboo Blade. But of course I want them to do more Bamboo Blade! If I’m not alone, this bodes poorly for quality subs of Sketchbook.

Nanoha’s season A

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Since Nanoha is such a freaking cult where I rub, I am basically ready to be a fan of it sight unseen and can’t wait for the R1 releases. The other day I saw a comic at Avatar’s place (BTW, it’s very funny, check it out) and it got me thinking.

The comic deals specifically with Nanoha A. I gather that attributes played in the comic are missing from plain Nanoha.

Now, let’s look at something else. Everyone knows that Banner of the Stars is “better” than the Crest. Crest is just a middling space opera, whereas Banner is one of the greatest military dramas ever. Those who are not die-hard fans of the franchise and just want to watch the best anime has to offer are advised to skip Crest and see the Banner.

So, is the same true for Nanoha? Should I go to Nanoha A and bypass the original? The sentiment among fans comes pretty close to that. Of course it may be too early to worry about that, but just a thought.

UPDATE: Jeff e-mailed with a suggestion to quit searching for non-existing analogies and watch from the beginning. OK, I lied. Being a polite guy he is, he wrote only the later and implied the former. Anyway, I hear and obey.

Bamboo Blade begins

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

This is a poor comedy on a simplistic premise, but starts strongly. On the watchlist list it goes.

Animation is lively, if simplified by comparison with the top performers of the season. I even saw some nasty 3D in the beginning. But oh well, I need my dose of LOLz.

FRIDGE: I put Bamboo Blade on candidate list initially after seeing it in Aroduc’s scan long time ago, but Astro made me bump it up with the screencap of the odd guy. Also, I think Astro is right about the Chiba’s Excel connection; not just in appearance, but also in enthusiasm. But it’s only a hint.

I forgot to mention, the rare word kohai is heard in Bamboo Blade. I had a hunch that Japanese for some reason avoid using it, and just report facts about the hierarchical position of the other person, allowing listeners to make conclusions. But I guess not.