“Racism” under every bed

October 31st, 2007 by Author

Was reading a funny article by Hinano and saw this:

I mean I know I get annoyed when people write articles that Russia is a refrigerator 365 days a year so everyone wears those wooly hats and dances the russian dance to keep warm.

I don’t get annoyed by this, but my reaction would be exactly like Sugiyama’s (who probably was annoyed). The retarded things embedded westerners write about Russia are fairly amazing to natives. It looks like being a bona fide scholar and teaching Russian culture only serves to add irony to the misconceptions. I would not be at all surprised if Japanese felt the same amusement.

On, and by the way, why is this “racism”? Where is the discrimination? Richardson shows exactly zero evidence of any racism. He wasn’t docked salary /stipend or reassigned somewhere to shut him up. Frankly, I’m sick of people who stick “racism” into every hole they can find.

UPDATE: J.P. Meyer also has something to say about it. I’m amazed the most at the “J-List e-mails”. Could it be that the foremost source of J-porn on the Net started the same way as Craigslist?