Suguru and “cabbage”

December 27th, 2007 by Author

Suguru is nothing if not persistent. I’m curious if he’s going to see Crescent Love like I did or not. I have to admit, I toyed with the idea of continuing the nominally suspended series many times. Feena compels. BTW, I tried to explain it to him before, but I guess my power to link is not great enough, more the pity: it was a passable cantalope, really.

The idea of “uber-bishoujo is interesting, and it would be interesting to see a permalink to Stripey’s thoughts. The comparison with Lafiel is making itself too.

UPDATE: He’s already seen all 12 episodes and posted the final summary. I was just reading and thinking “so true… so true…” But I have to say that Suguru’s sacrifice cemented my decision not to return.