ef at forums

December 29th, 2007 by Author

I feel like I need to let go but just one more thing, as seen at AoD forums:

Speaking of which, it was pointed out to me that the first letter of the title of every episode, put in order, spell out the name of the OP “euphoric field” — except for the fact that that there are 13 letters not 12. So a 13th episode is virtually assured. The new ef video game comes out a few weeks after the final ef DVD comes out — what a perfect opporunity to release that OVA! Then you have the bit about how every episode contains a secret password you can enter on the website… Or how about how DVD 1 includes a 32-page manga by “Nagi Shindou”? Or how some of the lines in the show mirrored perfectly lines spoken in the prologue (to the word), except it was a different character saying them? This show is almost too well-planned… it’s sort of creepy…

Hmm. Someone quickly suggested that it may be a typo or a prank, like the non-existing significance of umbrella handles.

UPDATE: Animesuki people pointed out that ‘d’ is inside ep.12.