Fate/stay Night begins

January 19th, 2008 by Author

The excutive summary after 4 episodes down is: “what Shana should’ve been”. Depending how it ends, it may even be a buy-DVD rather than rent-DVD.

At least in the beginning, two main characters are Rin and Saber, and I cannot see who is more important, so I’m going to have two pictures in this leader post (it’s my blog, I make rules).

Saber gave me quite a start. For some reason, I thought that she was coming from some other show, perhaps Saber Marionette J or whatever. Rin was unexpected too, but in a different way. Everyone seems to think that Rin is a canonical tsundere, whereas in fact she’s nothing like it; she was extremely level headed, including her relationship with the [male] lead.

Both are drawn in amazing detail. Saber has a tint of mecha to her, and Rin is a shade more fanservicy.

As far as the story goes… it is quite artificial and probably even loses to Shana on that score. But on the balance it does not seem to have as much of a consistency problem. In theory I disapprove of Pokemon style setup (I probably should call it “Angelic Layer type”, but I haven’t seen it). This instance seems acceptable though. It’s fun and eye candy, and once characters are left out the artificial gates to interact and develop, they do well.

P.S. I thought that this was one of the rare moments when Jeff Lawson’s anti-spoiler policies might come handy, and went to check what he had. Hmm… All I understood, he did not like FSN too much, but the explanations were somewhat weak. Story too complex? Is that it? And evidently he carries too much baggage into the business. I’m going to remain optimistic for now.

P.P.S. Steven’s Future Series List does not list FSN. I can’t believe how useless his readers are. KNE is on there…