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Scott on Lucky Star OP

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Anime Almanac:

This semi-rap aspect of the song was just too unusual for me, so I thought it was an epic failure of a theme song. But after listening to it a couple of times, I started to like it. Not only did I start to like it, I was loving it. It’s odd style of the spoken word verses made them very memorable. I found myself saying things like “Let’s get, cherry pie” to myself all the time. I became a total fanboy for this theme song!

There’s that. Although, it’s good thing nobody mentioned it to me before and ruined my enjoyment: I hate rap.

Originality is rare in the anime business, and the Lucky Star theme shows that taking creative risks can pay off in the long run. But that kind of success can come with a price…

A few months after the Lucky Star theme made it big, the risqué OVA show Indian Summer (Koharu Biyori) came out with a theme song that seemed very familiar…

Spoken-word intro, spoken-word verse, singable verse, j-pop chorus, and a callback to the spoken-word intro at the very end… this is just copying the Lucky Star theme!

I think Scott is overstating his case. I heard the Penguin Girl ED and it’s nothing like the Lucky Star OP. But he includes links and so anyone can listen and decide for themselves.

Lawson on mecha

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

After a mandatory disclaimer of mecha appeal, Jeff says:

Oddly enough, however, the one mecha show I consider a favorite is one in which the mechanics of the mecha themselves are both realistic and presented in such a way that many engineers would appreciate. Of course, I’m talking about Patlabor. With the exception of its oversized service revolver and gratuitous design elements, the Ingram makes sense. And many of the common Labors featured in the show look and function like the construction implements they are.

This was… unexpected. Patlabor never struck me as realistic in the way Rocket Girls did (I’ve even read articles defending a LOX-oxidized hybrid, in context of the fatal NOX explosion at Scaled. No kidding!). And across the fandom, The 08th MS Team is held in the esteem for its realism generally. If anything, I’d praise the characters in Patlabor. But thinking back, hmm… If only they had radiators…

Jason’s runaway generalizations

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Owen was messaging me with “that‘s the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard Jason say, ever”. I guess I have no choice but to quote Jason then.

I’m going to devote the next few weeks to subtle and not-so-subtle digs at the “plot is more important than fanservice” people. You know what’s really important? Entertainment. I think there’s a huge fallacy in shunning fanservice as fanservice is something unique to anime and is something that really distinguishes anime from other mediums. The ridiculousness of fanservice in anime is one thing that really sets it apart, and for a lot of people, why they ventured into the land of oversized eyeballs in the first place. I feel really dirty in shunning fanservice… it’ll be like Obama shoving his pastor under a bus.

I agree with the primacy of entertainment. But I don’t give two shits about fanservice in anime, I extract my entertainment from other facets of the medium. I don’t know how prevalent my view is; Steven loves fanservice, so that makes two of them. But as far as I’m concerned, shunning fanservice is entirely legitimate. There’s no fallacy in it at all.

Instead of dancing with generalities, let’s get specific and consider Kamichu with the beach episode and disgusting exploitation of Mitsue by Geneon removed. The show would still be vying with H&C for the top honours of the year. So much for fanservice setting anime apart. It does so in the same way tentacle rape does — just a small element and not “one thing which sets [anime] apart … from other mediums”.

Druaga, BOST, etc.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

With a supreme effort of will, I managed to open the new season at last, and this time I’m doing it in a legal way, thanks to BOST (of course we all know that certain things are only made “illegal” because certain interests bent the copyright regime to their advantage and the detriment of the consumers etc. etc.). Anyway, the things one has to do because Best Buy is unwilling to break the street date for Lucky Star.

There’s nothing I can write about Tower of Druaga ep.1 that others haven’t written. We all know that it opens with a special episode, a-la Haruhi, so obviously I cannot make any conclusions about the show.

I downloaded the iPod version, so pictures were sort of smallish. But for a blogger, it’s very important to have the screencap function, so anything is preferable to Flash streaming and thus it was an improvement over Keitai Shoujo. I did not have any issues downloading or playing the episode with VLC. So I’m living the digital future right now.

UPDATE: Oh god, I completely forgot about the article at Anime Almanac which I wanted to link.

Thin slicings

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Jason’s Thin Slicing is out and it’s as strong as it used to be. Also, no sports references!

Competitors snap on his heels though. Check out Sasa’s version:

– Lelouch’s “I order you to kill yourself”-theater is horrible, why is the main character so ridiculously and flamboyantly gay?

She speaks what Jason merely hints. Isn’t it admirable?

UPDATE: Hashi-hime is there too.

Oh Yukari

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Having barely finished a page, I started flipping through…

In the anime, Yukari shows for the training in street clothes. I guess the animators were lazy.

Dear Bandai Entertainment, please hurry up.

Gurren-Lagann staff at Fanime

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

By way of the dot-anime (which unfortunately lacks the site feed):

I got an update from GAINAX production manager Saito-san about their staff coming to Fanime.

Apparently they’re sending 46 people this year.

A good number of them are Gurren Lagann staff. Almost all of the Gurren Lagann staff are in their 20s, and GAINAX board director Takeda-san wanted the young staff to expand their creative vision by seeing the world. So thus the field trip to San Jose, CA.

I hope they like it. I’ve been to Fanime before, it’s not bad.

ABA nominations

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Nominations closed and collated. Although due to Oscar-like system they haven’t yet “won”, non-AB blogs took top counts in Editorial (Lawson), Manga, Influential, Rookie, Funniest (Hinano), Satire (Minaide), Seiyuu (Hashi-hime — of course!). AB-based blogs had to contend with Episodic (RandomC) and Team (THAT). So much for the circlejerk.

I suppose I could add a few words about the strength, breadth and diversity of anime blogosphere, but instead I’m just going to gloat about the humiliation of mean people and ducks, dealt by the wisdom of crowds.

BTW, The Nicest Blogger took top in Editorial despite not blogging much at all recently. Think coincidence?

I noticed Donation thing is gone from ABA site… I as far as I’m aware, Mellow rented a new server for ABA and his other projects. This is not a reason to stop donating to Animeblogger though. Maestro is still in the red on taxes by about five hundred bucks as of today.

Jubei-chan ends at last

Friday, April 25th, 2008

This experience I completely spoiled myself, because I procrastinated until DVDs went out of print. Instigated by J.P., I managed to gather the remainder of the set, but years after I watched the first volume. Naturally, it was a mash…

The biggest surprise is how little the original and J2 differed. The story in the original Jubei-chan made more sense, J2 added lulz and fights. Angst is overpowering in both.

Liked: I suppose so, in parts.
Rewatch: No

Owen on Kure-nai 3

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Owen does his best to shill for Kure-nai, and I must say he’s persuasive, but since my original capsule comment was “Crime, Rental Magica inside-out, whatever”, it will take more to make me watch it. Hate crime anime.


<saturnine> but “crime anime” is a severe misnomer
<saturnine> almost as bad as bateszi and the ef slur

I realize that, and just waiting for some sort of evidence on it.