ABA nominations

April 26th, 2008 by Author

Nominations closed and collated. Although due to Oscar-like system they haven’t yet “won”, non-AB blogs took top counts in Editorial (Lawson), Manga, Influential, Rookie, Funniest (Hinano), Satire (Minaide), Seiyuu (Hashi-hime — of course!). AB-based blogs had to contend with Episodic (RandomC) and Team (THAT). So much for the circlejerk.

I suppose I could add a few words about the strength, breadth and diversity of anime blogosphere, but instead I’m just going to gloat about the humiliation of mean people and ducks, dealt by the wisdom of crowds.

BTW, The Nicest Blogger took top in Editorial despite not blogging much at all recently. Think coincidence?

I noticed Donation thing is gone from ABA site… I as far as I’m aware, Mellow rented a new server for ABA and his other projects. This is not a reason to stop donating to Animeblogger though. Maestro is still in the red on taxes by about five hundred bucks as of today.