Druaga, BOST, etc.

April 29th, 2008 by Author

With a supreme effort of will, I managed to open the new season at last, and this time I’m doing it in a legal way, thanks to BOST (of course we all know that certain things are only made “illegal” because certain interests bent the copyright regime to their advantage and the detriment of the consumers etc. etc.). Anyway, the things one has to do because Best Buy is unwilling to break the street date for Lucky Star.

There’s nothing I can write about Tower of Druaga ep.1 that others haven’t written. We all know that it opens with a special episode, a-la Haruhi, so obviously I cannot make any conclusions about the show.

I downloaded the iPod version, so pictures were sort of smallish. But for a blogger, it’s very important to have the screencap function, so anything is preferable to Flash streaming and thus it was an improvement over Keitai Shoujo. I did not have any issues downloading or playing the episode with VLC. So I’m living the digital future right now.

UPDATE: Oh god, I completely forgot about the article at Anime Almanac which I wanted to link.