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Chizumatic opens Lucky Star

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

No matter if SDB drops it, I’ve seen a DVD screenshot. Now I’m questioning the sanity of my decision to wait nobody knows what. It’s only $22.98 @RACS.

Comparisons with Azumanga occured to many bloggers initially, but they dissipated quickly.

UPDATE: Comments.

Aziz on ef

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

He dropped it, but the summary is quite amusing. I have already decided not to feel any guilt, so I’m enjoying reading his take.

1. Who the heck are these people? I confused the two main male leads a couple of times, and there seemed to be two extraneous females, not counting the twins (in different grades of school). The outset of the series gives you no clue as to who is important and who is less so. I really thought that the video guy was the main character initially. Then I thought maybe it’s the running girl. Then the bicycling guy. No wait it’s the girl who steals his bike. No wait it’s this OTHER guy who hangs out at this deserted rail station. NO wait wait it’s this girl who he meets there….

The truth is: all of them are main characters, except the video club president. I haven’t heard anyone trotting out this complaint before, but in a way, it rings true; it may be hard to wrap one’s mind around the concept. On the other hand, we did have a wave of shows with multitude of “leading” characters (e.g. Kimikiss where Mao is almost but not quite the female lead.). I suppose I was lucky to latch onto Chihiro early.

2. Really annoying visual “pieces of flair”. These are hard to describe; if I had the patience I’d have screenshot a few. []

Aziz is talking about the streetlight. Man, that was bad. As luck had it again, I was immune to it, but so many people complained that it must’ve grated like big heads in Manabi.

He goes on to spoil further, but I suppose anyone who’s seen an anime blog knows the premise of ef and that Kamina dies, so:

If she’d written “I love him” would she act on this the next day, assuming it to be true?

We know that she does, however, and I think it was a delicious way to play it, Chihiro is not entirely precise in her notes, and sometimes it’s intrinsically difficult. She didn’t have an anthropologist’s degree when she was 12 and nobody taught her thick description techniques. Therefore, when she acts upon her notes, she deviates from what actually happened when she reinterprets them. It is a persistent theme and I saw it enacted way before the infamous confession confusion.

Zyl on Gurren-Lagann

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

If you care about Gurren-Lagann, read Zyl’s post now.


The marathon almost ground to a halt early on though. I tend to be quick to judge and eager to give up; Kamina’s machismo and Simon’s I MUSTN’T RUN AWAY fits made me want to run away from this series. But what saved the day was being spoiled about Episode 8 which made me re-look at Kamina in a more sympathetic light and to look forward to Simon’s growth.

That’s why we ought to have lots of spoilers in blogs.

J.P. on the touching game

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I heard about the game when Penny-Arcade made a strip about it, but now J.P. has a screenshot (and commentary).

J.P. Meyer on categories

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Seen today:

I always laugh whenever people try to do a semantic or syntactic approach to defining those Japanese age/gender-based genres. Shounen series have fighting! Shoujo has boys and kissing! Josei is mature! Seinen has lots of sex and violence! These can get really asinine when people start thinking things like Chobits is a shoujo series because Clamp wrote it and it has relationships and stuff.

Not to mention the frilly dresses, right?

I have just one thing to add: the “people” who came up with this 2×2 matrix are Japanese creators. Stores in Akihabara have these categories etched on plastic cards and attached to shelves of manga. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because stores uniformly prohibit photography, but trust me. And the funniest thing is, a gaijin can tell with one glance which pile of manga belongs to which category. Authors on the average conform to conventions, and it’s just the fact.

Os understands blogging

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I’m extremely pleased to see Os using the space Sasa lent him to reply to me. That’s how blogs are supposed to work. I see that my efforts to promote true blogosphere in animeblogging were not for naught, and perhaps I did no less than ABC for the common good.

Of course all my words would do no good if they fell on deaf ears (Hinano was griping about not allowing comments just this week (nonetheless she’s done the right thing by linking at least somewhat)), and this is where Os comes into the picture and does a good job. Certainly letting to expire was weak sauce, because it destroyed permalinks. But let bygones be bygones, this is the time for celebration.

BTW, Another thing Os does right is linking to the material which contradicts him. My ANN list for To Heart actually says: “Wholesome. Shiho is pure love despite her show-business aspirations. Do not miss DVD extras!”. By including that link, Os allows readers to make up their own minds. Is it blogger’s integrity or what? The “weak and ponderous” summary applied to the “To Heart: Remember My Memories“, not To Heart itself. The former was a pathetic attempt to cash on the popularity of the original show by milking it for sequels, and Os obviously confused them. An easy mistake to make, I’m sure.

UPDATE: Os replies. On the subject of, I do not remember it as well as it deserves, but I did visit and comment on it while it was still operational (I remember that one of the last items had something to do with planning of a visit to AX).

Also, I remember that the blog directory was “osu/”, but everyone else calls Os just that, so I didn’t give it a second thought. If he’s detecting “oozing sarcasm”, I hope he’s not detecting intentional insulting mis-spellings… Now I observe that the author’s category at Heterochromia does have the “~u”. Oh boy, this is awkward.

UPDATE MOAR: Zyl takes the side of comments. Very good. But I don’t find the example of Evirus persuasive enough, because while nobody told Evirus about the character theater, Evirus told me — and he didn’t use any comments. Similarly, I told the world about Omake 6 of To Heart.


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

I survived 2 episodes. Gravion surprised me with its poor form. I’m just not used to watching anything this retarded.

Futakoi was dumb in the plot and character relationships, but this is worse: incompetent across the board.

At least I didn’t buy it like Steven did. Thank you, Netflix.

UPDATE: Steven reminded how came to the conclusion that creators did it all on purpose. I remember it from when he watched it, but the thing is… I fully trust anime creators be this braindead, and there’s no real satire here in the way it existed in Excel Saga and Abenobashi. In any case, I tried to switch to that mental framework and pretend that Gravion was a big joke, but it did not work. So the result is the same.

UPDATE 2: Now this is taking things too far (underlining is Steven’s):

Pete is a fan of the mecha genre []

Does this square with my record? There’s a gulf between tolerating eggplant and being a fan of eggplant. Ditto mecha, lesbians, and so on.

Rage of Sasa’s cobloggers

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Without extra ado, here goes an opinion on Bus Gamer:

This show has horrible animation — Gonzo, how low you’ve fallen, having to animate this stupid story –, the character designs are ugly, and not a single hole has been closed. Usually first episodes are the best because that’s the hook that would drag you in. All the money goes to the first episode, that’s like a cardinal fact. At least that would be good, right? No. Episode 1 through 3 were all like my cafeteria: disgusting and yet no matter how much I pray, it wont get better.

Actually, there was some real Internet rage too, but I left it out of the quote as a treat for Sasa’s visitors. Unfortunately, it all ends poorly:

Oh, and there HAVE been crappier shows (Magikano or any eroge adaptation anybody?), but this one really tries hard to join the upper echelon of crappy animus..

Way do destroy the credibility. Isn’t ef an eroge adaptation? How about To Heart? Apparently, “eroge adaptation” is the new “mecha”: something to be hated regardless. Also, SDB liked Magicano (and extracted lulz from it too). How can I believe the rage against Bus Gamer after this? I cannot.

UPDATE: Os replies, sort of, and then I reply too.

UPDATE 2008/04/28: Os liked the topic so much that he started to use it:

998) *RAGE*

999) Did anyone notice that I messed up my numbering somewhere near the beginning?

Famous NHK clips from TAF

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

(via) The NHK clips I’ve seen looping in their booth at TAF are on Youtube now and someone posted a collection. Quite cool, although I hope someone else posts them elsewhere. Solely relying on spyfish80 is fraught with peril (seen at Niko-niko, too). Also: Dear NHK, please sell us a DVD.

UPDATE: Owen suggests searching for アニクリ. Much appreciated. Also:

In case you don’t know, “AniKuri 15″ is a collaboration between Japanese TV broadcasting network NHK and 15 of Japan’s greatest Anime creators. Thus the name “AniKuri 15″, an abbreviation of the words “Anime” and “kurie-ta- (creator)”.

I see.

UPDATE 2: Nick says:

I do have 1080p versions of 12 of the shorts that I have acquired a while back

This is the first time when I think that anime on Blu-ray might not be such a bad idea after all. I wonder by what means he “acquired” them.

Dwane Day reviews what again?

Monday, April 21st, 2008

It things continue the same way, this is going to be a fixture at Ani-nouto. In the latest installment, Dwane reviews Moonlight Mile, a series even more solidly forgotten than his previous find, Freedom (which is currently being hyped by its producers at least).

The executive summary is “do not watch”:

Eight episodes of neato spaceships in a future that will never exist may be bad for the soul, but Moonlight Mile’s primary offense is that it’s dull. The only reason to continue is because of the promise in the opening credits of dramatic action‒well, a war, anyway‒on the surface of the Moon.

For fans of escapist, near-future science fiction‒and I’ll admit that it’s one of my entertainment vices‒Moonlight Mile is tolerable, if not very engaging. We can hope for this kind of future, although we certainly want it to be populated by a better class of heroes than Gorou.

He took one for the team.

BTW, he continues to ignore Rocket Girls:

There have also been a handful of relatively recent Japanese anime series set in the not-too-distant future depicting reasonably realistic visions of humanity’s future in space. These include Planetes, Freedom, and the amazing Cowboy Bebop. Now we can add another title to the list, Moonlight Mile.

I understand that he does not want to list unreleased series, but he should at least make it explicit. Fortunately, the Bandai Entertainment is working to rectify that.