Druaga, golf, OP

May 10th, 2008 by Author

I am surprised that thus far nobody except an extremely obscure blog lsioblog.com commented on Melt’s magic golf. It seems akin to bowling in Excel Saga to me, and I’m sure better parallels can be drawn. I keep thinking if Coopa being Melt’s caddy signifies anything. BTW, I’ve seen an small video segment about professional golphers who have to train jumping between hoops very much like American football players. It’s quite physical, so I’m surprised at Melt unable to carry his own golf bag… Obviously the whole gag is played for laughs, which is a bit of a pity.

Similarly, I cannot stop thinking if characters in the OP mean anything. Melt is playing golf with umbrella at the platform, so that’s that. Ahmey walks by the house in the blue track suit, without interacting with anyone. Others? Why is Fatima so prominent in the OP? Who is the dork being hit by the train gate?

UPDATE: Chris Siebenmann writes by e-mail:

Having frame-by-framed that section of the OP out of exactly that curiosity, I think it is Kally from Neeba’s party (the knife-using male who doesn’t wear armor).

Duly noted.