Hidamari’s faces

May 23rd, 2008 by Author

Sasa looks forward to summer (and this time it’s her) and Hidamari reimplementation “x365”:

The main achievement of Hidamari Sketch is, in my opinion, the most endearing facial expressions that anime has ever brough. Of course only die-hard fans like me would appreciate it, so Hidamari Sketch will hopefully fill the gap that Aria and Chii will leave when it’s over for them.

The “only die-hard fans” part comes from the bi-modal animation in the original Hidamari. The normal mode is like this:

and this:

Note the photographic vegetables.

The other one is the money-saving animation mode, like this:

Unfortunately, characters spend a lot of time saving money for SHAFT. If the balance was tilted differently, it would be a different account. As it is, fans have to die hard.

Truth to be told, I am looking forward to x365. Problems with the original are nothing the application of sacks of money won’t fix.