Pretear… begins?

May 26th, 2008 by Author

My first impression is about the same as from Princess Tutu: Pretear is nice and everything, but it’s not for me. I can hear howls of outrage already, but the they misguided: I realize that Tutu is a much stronger show. I’m only discussing the decision-making process here.

Yoko Ishida sings the OP. It’s… weird. I’m used to hearing it without the video.

Gattai in a shoujo show. Now I’ve seen everything.

This is called “kendama”. Interesting.

I only wish I had written down the word for “old Japanese ballads”.

This is a man (voiced by a man).

UPDATE: Bateszi reminded me that the staff of Pretear went on to make Princess Tutu. How ironic that I linked them without knowing it. He also calls Pretear a “surprisingly good magical girl series”, which we just have to forgive him. I firmly place it into “unsurprisingly bad” category.