Japan’s parliament permits spy and comm satellites

May 28th, 2008 by Author

Prompted by RIUVA, I found an article and Yomiuri:

The new law emphasizes the development and utilization of space, based on the U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the deployment of nuclear and other arms in space, as well as on the defense-only principles of the Constitution.

The Outer Space Treaty (OST) is a great example how enemies of America abuse international treaties. As documented, for instance, in Oberg’s piece at TSR, Soviets negotiated in bad faith and did in fact deploy space weapons. The biggest of Soviet projects was Polyus, which Oberg does not mention, because it was lost in a launch malfunction [*]. Polyus was nothing less than a huge orbital laser worthy of Gundam. Take that, America. Still think the OST was worth the paper on which it was written?

Now it is Japan’s turn to face the reality of dictatorships (such as China) flouting treaties. Good luck with your defenceless spysats.

[*] For packaging considerations, Polyus was attached to its booster upside-down. Thus, it should have righted itself before firing its engines for a circularization burn, but failed to do so. The final burn was performed in the opposite direction and the whole battle station crashed into the Pacific.