Romance distilled

June 1st, 2008 by Author

I’m struggling with Rumbling Hearts. I was tempted to write “I hate Jeff Lawson” [*] for lulz, but truthfuly, the problem is that every and all romance series disturb me. I can only watch them piece by piece, so, for example, Myself;Yourself is at ep.3 offset 06:18 currently.

Mind, this is entirely different from cutting my own fingers off. In case of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, I see the quality. The mental process of the male lead is not entirely unlike that in Futakoi, but the idea is scripted and acted competently. I care to see how it turns out.

BTW, another analogy that I see is Kyon. Can you see why? No, it’s not because of the name.

UPDATE: Stalled at 0:18:19 in ep.2, when Takayuki stood up Haruka again. Hayase was involved, of course. This is just excuriating. So much for the ritual ( says that お呪い (“omajinai”) means “an incantation”).

In ef, Hirono does almost the same, when Miyako dinks her cellphone. But it is materially different and is nowhere as stupid and painful as this. I think I’m peeved at Takayuki for dereliction of duty. Hirono did not make any promises.

[*] His admission of getting R2s of Kiminozo (in comments) after denouncing Japanese pricing model with such energy prompted me to bump it up the queue.