Myself;Yourself at about 03

June 18th, 2008 by Author

While all my DVDs are packed away, I sustain myself with what was squirreled away at my laptop’s winchester, and that is Myself;Yourself. I find the ugly art somehow endearing. It has a retro feel, but with a nice fuzzy computer coloring. If animators were not so terribly incompetent at making characters move, and stuck to designs, it would’ve been outstanding.

As far as the story goes, it’s a romcom punctuated by Sana’s stupidity. Notes for ep.3 look like this:

Niiiice, way to spoil, you idiot! Want another slap in the face?
Oh noes, San bought two identical compacts? NO WAI! (yes, he DID)
さお — a fishing rod (or a spinning specifically?)
Holy crap, the new girl cleans the fish! — Hoshino
And now the cake? I can see how Nanaka gets driven to suicide.
Oh wait, Nanaka made cookies as planned.
お腹いっぱいだ — I’m full
This crappy animation looks strangely attractive.
WTF. Sana gave her the pink stone? Hmm, it’s sparkling…

Not too bad, and a good training. Perhaps I can get back to Rumbling Hearts after it.