Druaga 12 (Finale for now)

June 20th, 2008 by Author

Kuro scooped me today, so go there for precise spoilers. But honestly, is anyone surprised that Tower of Druaga continues? This is exactly the thing GONZO did with Vandread. God help them if they reach for the 3rd part though.

By the way… Anyone remembers Gascogne? Unfortunately, GONZO cannot repeat themselves here, because Ahmey expired very definitely. She’s more of Kamina, I’m afraid.

Finally, a few short notes:

  • Final battle was quite exciting.
  • What the heck was the water rat?
  • Gonzo is feeding shippers.

QUICK ROUNDUP: Aira posted a suspiciously short item with a bare minimum of facts, and murdered me with the grammar:


Umm… Neeba and Kaaya… planned road… betraying and then ZAP. For the life of me cannot remember what the verb-rareru construct means. It’s either someone made someone do something, or a passive (something is done to someone); neither seems to fit.

Omni writes:

[I]t’s incredibly frustrating to see virtually nothing get explained […] they tease with the mysterious girls and then with Gilgamesh at the end.

I thought it was made clear that H1 (blue) was the lover of Druaga, and H2 (brown) that of Gil, made into ghosts as a side effect of the Gil-Druaga boss battle.

UPDATE: I think that for a dead secondary character, GONZO is loading on Ahmey too heavily. Consider this:

What does that even mean?!

UPDATE LATER: There’s a review at Shameful Otaku Secret (I guess the love of Druaga qualifies these days).


-rareru is passive. X+toori is “following X”, often used in phrases like omotta-toori, “as I thought”.

So, “as planned, (someone) was betrayed by Neeba and Kaaya, and then ZAP”. The episode summary on wikipedia says, “Neeba and Kaaya end up betraying Jil”, so I’m pretty confident. :-)