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Jason (not Jasmine) Miao on Strike Witches

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

I was remiss in linking to this season’s Thin Slicing. BTW, just like, he moved to a new domain… And unlike the previous, neutral name, this new one includes Darry. Nobody can understand why, considering how often his blog changes its name. I’m afraid he’s aiming to bust permalinks at the next rename, which would be sad.

Anyway, I forgot to disclaim any trust into the Thin Slicing’s rankings. In fact, even opinions, as funny as they are, usually cannot be taken too seriously.

The only possible explanation for Strike Witches is that someone at Gonzo saw and fell in love with Sky Girls. There’s no other explanation. […]

(I know anime is all about making derivative works of what came before *cough* Raxhephon *cough*, but to rip off Sky Girls? Isn’t this like someone ripping off Vanilla Ice’s Ninja Rap? Go ninja go ninja go.)

The notion of RahXephon being derivative was addressed elsewhere by Messiers Oshii and Izubuchi, its creators. Fans may disagree. But to think that Strike Witches is derivative of Sky Girls is just dumb. OVAs for both of them came out in the same season.

Whereas Sky Girls was actually watchable and tried to be serious in its tale of flying DFC fightcraft fighting against an alien menace, Strike Witches goes pretty much the other way and takes it to an extreme. First off, the girls do not wear military uniforms or plug suits. Instead, they wear a collection of stereotypical moe outfits complete with bathing suit bottoms. Secondly, the girls all have magical powers, and it’s evident that they’re using these magical powers because they suddenly grow animal tails and ears. Because nothing says serious military drama like flying nekomimi DFC wearing swimsuit bottoms under traditional seifuku. Lastly, because of how the mecha is attached to the girls, they are unable to close their legs, thus guaranteeing plenty of fanservice shots.

This is a curious case of seeing the point intellectually… and blowing it because of the lack of any sense for the show. Has he ever seen the figurines that begat the franchize?

Far for me to defend the show. It was pretty bad thus far. But sheesh! The slicing is getting a bit thin.

Strike Witches 05

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

So we have the groping episode, not to mention Yoshika’s weird dreams. Also, huge cop-outs: a broken Striker unit is faster than a good one, and a witch can easily destroy Neuroi ship by ramming it. Terrible.

The only upside is, the next episode is to feature Sanya. Then I can quit this freak show, hopefuly.


We’ve reached the point where logic is getting thrown out of the window though; what shredded her swimsuit should have shredded her. Not to mention the minor detail of Miyafuji and Lynn suddenly not knowing how to swim, despite getting dumped in the ocean during episode 3.

I am not sure if I should address that. Indeed, the episode was just that bad. The obvious difference between then and now is, the enlisted duo is made to dink without using the magic this time. So that explains why they cannot swim with anchors on their legs. But then how exactly do they equip Striker units without magic? Worse, few minutes down the road they carry their units ashore. Excuse me, but each of them weighs no less than 300kg apiece.

UPDATE: Chizumatic:

And now we’ve got another case of Miyafuji groping someone. WHAT IS THIS SHIT? [Uppercase in the original — Author]

Poor Steven!

Also, think Chuck Yeager approves?

UPDATE from the raw watchers:

If you’re watching the subs, note that a joke was lost in the translation, as Lynne’s remark about doing hentai hikou, “formation flying” 「編隊飛行」, was supposed to make you think “perverted misconduct” 「変態非行」, just like Yoshika did.

Also, raw screencaps look pretty nice (no disrespect to BOST).

I like where this is going nya

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Defiance drives Sixten to new heights of mastery.

The tsundere in Jasmine is a little formulaic, but the execution is lovely. And I laughed.

Leuconoe on Figure 17

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Daniel/IKnight (author of Animanachronism) uses a different nickname to discuss the end of Figure 17:

Wow, that was a great finale. Alien hordes were slaughtered, stuff blew up, tears flowed. At times hard to digest, Figure 17 is nevertheless a fine example of solid anime: you can nitpick, you can say that it’s not what you’d enjoy, but I challenge you to present a convincing argument that it’s not good.

I pass.

Still, I wonder what he means by “hard to digest”. It was a tiring job for me, because it just went on an on without end for the viewers emphasizing with Tsubasa just as Tsubasa herself. But perhaps something else was hard for Daniel.

ANN interviews Gurren-Lagann staff

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

First-hand journalism at ANN (via)? Look for yourself as Egan Loo interviews Gurren-Lagann staff:

Takeda: [] When we actually first suggested [the episode], they said, “Oh, it shouldn’t be a problem.” Yet, when we completed the animation footage and showed it to them, they said, “There’s no way we can show this.” The biggest issue was that peeking into the women’s bath — that act alone — is illegal. Therefore, we can’t show that during a child-friendly timeslot. Why couldn’t they have told us that when we gave them the script before? So we had to do what we could to get it on the air.

Fascinating. I am thrilled with anticipation of seeing Boota saving the day (yes, I haven’t seen that episode yet).


Yamaga: We hope to be working on Gurren Lagann for the next decade. This work we know as Gurren Lagann will continue.


Sixten and Jason split

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

According to today’s post at Heart’s Content, Jason abrubtly resigned from the manga project. The split apparently was precipitated by the Miao-sensei doujin. What a SHOKKA.

Actually, I’m not all that surprised. When Chainmail Bikini ended, Shawn, the artist, made (or confirmed) a few good points which cast doubt over the viability of any such remote collaboration. So even without the doujin the manga battled against the odds.

In fact, I doubt that the doujin was the problem at all. I was quite happy and flattered to see Author-tan, not in the least because of the publicity. Surely Jason ought to see the benefits of letting Sixten to roam freely… as long as manga was being made.

But it looks like the latter part was lacking. Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade summed up what makes a successful comic artist thus: “Draw like crazy every day and never miss a deadline”. Oh well. Sixten is going to come out of it stronger.

Omo and truth about BOST

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Omo writes at length on the perennieal issue of Internet vs. anime (I just cannot make myself to call it “digital distribution”, because obviously DVDs are quite digital without Internet). It’s quite good despite the length, RTWT. Just one note:

[…] to pull down some pant-less, flash-based video every Thursday night.

The whole idea behind Strike Witches release at BOST is to provide a DRM-free download-to-own anime. It’s not merely something flash-based (although, IIRC, their earier release, Keitai Shoujo was flash-based).

Phuzybuny on Pale Cocoon

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

The newest recruit for the Impz team, bearing a strange handle, starts strongly with reflections on Pale Cocoon. I saw a few clips of it at TAF 07 and was impressed enough to grab a postcard, but the whole thing seems a bit too dark for my taste after all.

Extrange on Xam’d

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

It’s an entry full of spoilers, but also many interesting screenshots which looks more Ghiblesque than early Dennou Coil. Not what I expected at all. I suppose he didn’t extract the video out of a PS3.

Gurren-Lagann in Bandai Ent. dub

Monday, July 28th, 2008

The ADV dub, seen at American TV for a short while, is dead. The Bandai dub is the new game (available at Sci-Fi Channel).

Not bad. I didn’t see undue censorship, and the voices were quite palatable.

UPDATE: Jason liveblogs the broadcast.