Myself;Yourself gets suspended

July 23rd, 2008 by Author

So, about the decision promised three days ago? I’m going to weasel out by suspending the show. But in reality, it’s more like “suspending” Crescent Love. Even though I finished 9.5 episodes out of 13, I do not expect to return.

Reasons are several, but the main ones are: Nanaka is crazy and futakon is annoying. The final drop was that the wife did not live up to my expectations.

I think that rather positive evaluation by Astro made me drag myself through 9 episodes of this entirely forgettable series. After reading spoilers at -ga, it looks like his denials about the twincest were rather poorly sourced.

The OP soundtrack is one of my favourites, when divorced from the video.

UPDATE: Astro replies:

I suppose it is an attempt at communication in an environment he can control. I don’t think Pete is intentionally trying to be an ass, but since he doesn’t allow comments and rarely comments on other people’s posts that he criticizes, he just doesn’t get the feedback he is seeking. So he keeps doing it, hoping that someone will recognize him and dignify his crap with a response.

He talks about the show too.