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Maipeisu @THAT on Druaga (Aegis)

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

It must take a special effort to write a review of Druaga and not mention the role of Ahmey (should I complain to Impz?), but an interesting perspective all the same.

CalAggie on DRMed anime

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I would not touch this stuff with a 3.3m pole, but for those who are into this kind of thing, there’s a well-researched post at Nigorimasen dealing with Direct2Drive, Amazon Unbox, and such. This looks like a good time to remind everyone that BOST sells anime without DRM. Their biggest issue is, they have no content with a wide appeal. Druaga, nice as it is, does not aim to be anything great. The [in-]famous show without pants appeals to niche viewers as well. And the remainder is even less appetizing. So the fate of DRM-free anime is hanging in the balance.

Vision of Pierrine

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Someone documented visually the clustering I mentioned previously, seen at the bottom of the post at Sankaku Complex which mainly deals with the censorship.

Clusters are named appropriately, for example Hartmann and Barkhorn are named “つよい”, or “[the] strong”. I would say that “えらい” above the leaders may be translated as “the greats”. The “snotty French twit” is clustered together with the leadership, but with a footnote “態度だけは” (taido dakeva) meaning “only in bearing” (I think).

Jonathan Tappan on Kure-nai

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Bugfox makes me laugh.

Shinkurou Kurenai is an atypical sixteen-year-old. An orphan (his parents were killed by terrorists) he lives alone in a tiny, unkempt apartment. By day he attends high school. By night he has a part-time job as a “dispute mediator.”

“Dispute mediation” seems to involve using his martial arts skills to beat up people until they are willing to relinquish their claims, so an alternate term might be “hired thug.” However the people he beats up are all nasty characters who thoroughly deserve it, so I guess that’s OK.

I think I detect scepsis.

Strike Witches 04 … or not

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

I’ve seen it, but it didn’t seem very interesting.

Just go visit Chizumatic if you care about episodic blogging.

Macross Frontier 05

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Random episode selection method did not help Macross F, the story did not pull me in. The acclaimed meeting with Klein was a very small part of the episode.

The art and animation made a big impression on me. I did not like all parts, but it sure looked like the future of the anime, with massively computerized drawing of everything. So, like it or not, I better get used to it.

I’m in ur feed corrupting ur data

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I think Hung’s idea of considering blog posts as votes is basically solid, but he really needs a wider data field. Macross F may deserve the top spot, but 30 enties is not much. Ani-nouto alone has 33 for ef and 32 for Lucky Star.

Don on Strike Witches

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Kawaii Menace:

It doesn’t help that the token meganekko is a snotty French twit.

Don cracks me up.

Myself;Yourself gets suspended

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

So, about the decision promised three days ago? I’m going to weasel out by suspending the show. But in reality, it’s more like “suspending” Crescent Love. Even though I finished 9.5 episodes out of 13, I do not expect to return.

Reasons are several, but the main ones are: Nanaka is crazy and futakon is annoying. The final drop was that the wife did not live up to my expectations.

I think that rather positive evaluation by Astro made me drag myself through 9 episodes of this entirely forgettable series. After reading spoilers at -ga, it looks like his denials about the twincest were rather poorly sourced.

The OP soundtrack is one of my favourites, when divorced from the video.

UPDATE: Astro replies:

I suppose it is an attempt at communication in an environment he can control. I don’t think Pete is intentionally trying to be an ass, but since he doesn’t allow comments and rarely comments on other people’s posts that he criticizes, he just doesn’t get the feedback he is seeking. So he keeps doing it, hoping that someone will recognize him and dignify his crap with a response.

He talks about the show too.

TheBigN on Strike Witches OVA

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The advent of the Strike Witches TV prompted bloggers to revisit the OVA. Some were less successful, others more so. TheBigN provides the most sensible explanation of the OVA in rational language, without appealing to the Harley Defense (“If you have to ask, you will never understand”):

Looking back at the OVA again after watching the first couple of episodes, I noticed that I was probably looking at that short piece in the wrong way. I don’t know what I was expecting at first, but I didn’t come off impressed the first time around and felt that the premise fell a bit flat on what it was trying to do. This time around, I saw the OVA as a cheesy parody of those patriotic movies you saw back during the periods of the World Wars with a little bit of team-building, sports anime Go-for-it stuff hidden in between there. It was great with how over the top things were with the music, the story with Yoshika’s quick running away and emotional coming back, the treatment of some characters to Yoshika (Perrine and Sakamoto are notable), the fanservice (sexual, mechamusume or other wise), and when you step back how proud those citizens were of these amalgamations of fetishes. Such funny propaganda. :3

The “sports” analogy does not really click for me, but again, we’re talking a rational dissection here, and SDB explained it:

Ignoring all the mecha musume trappings, what you’ve really got here is a girl’s baseball team. And that is the story they’re going to tell. Miyafuji is the newest player to join the team. She’s inexperienced, but it looks like she’s got home-run power if only she can learn to use it. And she will, and that’s the series story-line. Ep 3 was right out of canon: the benchwarmers (Miyafuji and Bishop) got put into the game in a desperate situation and made a game-saving play together. Miyafuji is going to hit her first home run in ep 4, and it will proceed from there.

So, “sports” is a codeword.