It’s Thursday

August 14th, 2008 by Author

It’s Thursday, and I feel a little emptiness. While I tried to fill it with Allison and Lillia, the result wasn’t wholly satisfactory. The biggest issue — and I would never think I come to saying this — Nopants Witches offer a much better story than Allison &! offers.

To begin with, the overall story is not immediately present, the show being split into arcs. Naruto suffers from the same problem to a large extent. Zooming in, arcs are not what I would call breathtaking… and feature ridiculous premises. Finally, the convenient coincidence appears to be the favourite technique of the writer(s), employed at every turn. I don’t know just how some can write “skilled writing” about it. The painfuly overlong scene under the mural alone is enough to disqualify that. Although I’ve not watched that far in yet, the tepid enthusiam Martin managed to summon for the full 1st season cannot hide the same faults I saw from the beginning.

A little more of all that and I’ll be crawling back on my knees into the world without pants.