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Anime blogging panel video

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The film is produced by AnimeDiet, and includes the world famous blogging couple of J.P. and Hinano, together with that traitor uragirimono DS. Also rumored to appear are Omo and even Moy (have you ever wondered just how he gets the masters for his raws?), but I’ve not downloaded far enough yet to confirm their presense.


Totali said that there are a lot of entities who grab whatever is posted to Share or Winnie. Well, for some reason I’m not familiar with the lot, but Moyism had Manabi, so….

UPDATE: Nobody has a sense of humor these days.

Also, I forgot to compliment Hinano’s Maka costume. Most of the time you can only see the necktie, but it’s exposed at the very end of this extra long video. Nicely done, IMHO. Maybe needs bigger buttons?

Another blogger in Tokyo

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I wish to know how they find arcades (I’ve not seen even one, unlike manga cafes), and what is the secret of taking pictures off a TV. Mine always were abysmal as I struggled with the dark stripes left by the CRT scan. Taking pictures of plasma screens helps, I suppose.

Yes, I know about ep.25

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Dozens completely lost their minds blogging about the ending of Code Geass R2(S2). You wouldn’t believe the show’s ratings were as abysmal as they were, after seeing all that enthusiasm. They even un-retired Owen.

UPDATE: Spelling corrections by Twitter?! The end is nigh.

The ranking problem is rather strange and/or curious, actually. Something in Geass R2 did not click with the Japanese TV audiences at large, and perhaps the time slot was disadvantageous.

Bandai Banzai

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

According to an accidential testimony by DS, they actually promoted Rocket Girls at NYAF. Check out this towering Yukari, looking sceptically at the convention-goers:

Now, may I have a wall scroll of it please?

Marimite 04-07

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

It’s not entirely smooth sailing, but what bloggers said was true: it’s about girls being friends (and enemies, but it’s not very intense).

My biggest gripe is the weird art, which sometimes abates, sometimes comes in full force. Those eyes, they’re just bad.

I deal with the issue by ignoring the visuals and seeing stick figures in my mind’s eye. Dialog drives the show. Marimite is not heavy on meaningful body language and subtle facial expressions. Surprising, really.

UPDATE: The 4th season looks like a significant improvement, despite keeping the side-pointing eyelashes:

In fact, DEEN offers really kickass reimaginings of the original design:

Not sure how true to the anime these are, and what season this is supposed to be. But they are gorgeous.

QUICKIE: Owen asked on IRC: “did you draw those yourself in Linux’s equivalent of MS Paint”? This is so cold. But as a matter of fact, yes, it’s my first digital drawing…

Another order is received

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Good to my word, I ordered the DVD 1 of the Windy Tales (Fuujin Monogatari), and added Mahoraba v.2 to complement the v.1 that I brought from Tokyo in March.

Obviously I’ve seen both, but you know… supporting the industry etc.

What I was forced to watch… #2

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I don’t know if I’m going to make this a regular feature, and in any case I don’t expect to outdo J.P.’s famous column. Still, the situation looks suspiciously similar: I am made to watch things I would otherwise miss, and I love it. After the horrors of the last week (Black Cat is horror — in more ways than one), my clubmates fed me Lucky Star OVA, Fumoffu, and Nodame Cantabile, as well as revisiting Gurren-Lagann and Sketchbook.

Not much is there to say about the extra-long OVA, just visit Random Curiosity. Nodame was a surprise, however.

I always was a little miffed about the term “romcom” (“Romantic Comedy”). In most cases, it has the romantic part, but very little comedy (e.g. ef, unless you laugh when a girl dinks her cellphone in a nervous breakdown). In Nodame, it’s comedy all the way, and a strong comedy it is. Honestly, after seeing the first episode I was certain they would not be able to keep it up. Then I saw two, and again it seems inconveivable for it to stay that good, but this time I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised. And I like the look of the show too. Animated in Japan, baby.

On the other hand, Fumoffu was a total loss, just as I thought. Slapstick all the way. Others liked it, I think.

Of the rewatches, Sketchbook was even more iyashikei than I remembered it. It’s not unbearable, but not exciting either. If it were the last show, I’d bug off. But Gurren-Lagann was last. Rewaching a strong show was in some ways a usual experience (saw more than before), and in some ways not: I had an entirely different appreciation for some people, for example Kinon.

Lawson plans to watch 10 series

Friday, September 26th, 2008

I don’t know just how he plans to pack 10 episodes into 7 days, because I thought we had the similar bandwidth issues. Budgeting 2 episodes each day gives 14 slots, and the remaining 4 are easily taken up by rewatches.

Aside from the density of it, looks like a good plan. No Corpse Princess there. Amusingly, Jeff marked Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka as an eroge adaptation specifically, but forgot that ef was one as well. Also, since I started nit picking, Hyakko had enough attention not to be a “surprise” (well, in my definition, anyway; an example would be Sekirei and surprise of not being another Kanokon).

Animanachronism on Vandread

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Daniel is back with a catch-up post, and among other things mentions Vandread:

Wrapped up the first thirteen episodes of Vandread. I’m surprised at how amiable this series is, a diverting combination of naval pursuit and a comedy of genders. Interestingly, I even like the fanservice: it’s amusingly innocent, almost prelapsarian (don’t think too hard about the theological implications of that, I’m sure they’re incorrect).

Nothing new for those who paid attention, but a great quote to paste, isn’t it?

The first volume of Divergence Eve came through the letterbox today. (If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s one of those rare anime which both (a) has mecha and (b) received a thumbs-up from Steven Den Beste.)

You mean, like the aforementioned Vandread, right? I think we’re seeing him being tsundere about mecha: dismissing it officially yet admitting the samples which broke through the filters (e.g. Kirameki Project). At this point, admitting that mecha is not all bad is an empty formality.

true tears is switched to sub-only

Friday, September 26th, 2008

According to ANN, the unfortunately capitalized true tears, originally to be released dubbed by the evil half of Bandai, is coming out in a subbed boxset instead. The series won high acclaim when it ran, but nonetheless I’m going to use Netflix or other forms of preview before buying. After all, Lawson liked Kiminozo too.

UPDATE: Jeff e-mails:

I like Kimonozo the way I like free beer. I like True Tears the way I like single malt scotch. Same result, entirely different experience.

Since I do not drink alcohol, I don’t quite understand what he’s getting at, but I understand that anime is not one-dimensional (which is why the averaged star ratings are so useless).