September 21st, 2008 by Author

My new town has a strong anime club, which I finally visited.

They sure take things seriously.

Officers discuss the club business.

Members watch KKN.

Besides getting to know people, I watched a couple of shows (both pretty bad). Kyoran Kazoku Nikki was an absurd premise and slapstick, with a thin veneer of family values. I saw it mentioned at Sixten’s, but now I’ve watched it and it’s much worse than he makes it sound. Black Cat is another instance of dark conspiracies and bloody violence, only without the sensible characters of Cowboy Bebop. Terribly B-list writing and acting, not even at Shana’s level. I guess it takes all kinds of fans: all showing were approved by the club’s membership. Also, they had two excellent shows running: Gurren-Lagann and Dennou Coli, but for an unrelated reason I didn’t stick around to see them.