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Kuro on Macross F ending

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Needless to say, heavy spoilers are ahead. Kurogane says:

The ending is so… inconclusive. Worst type of end in my opinion dammit. Urge to kill Kawamori seriously rising. It’s never revealed who Alto chooses and everyone just manages to survive and land happily on the planet. I just feel like my feelings have all been trampled over and thrown away like a used dirt rag. Oh man, I was at least expecting some deaths.

So, even worse than Macross Plus, which itself left a bad impression.

UPDATE: DarkMirage was more verbose and circumspect, but it looks like he agrees. He used the word “cop-out”, even.

John on the fad of anime

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Animenation editorizes on the topic of anime gradually receding from American mainstream entertainment, and specifically the broadcast TV. John is aware that TV is becoming less and less relevant:

Actually, what we may be seeing now is a transition from anime on television to anime broadcast online. Vuze, Youtube, BOST TV, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Joost, among others, are all now making significant advances in substituting for, and replacing traditional television broadcast.

So, here we have a diverse field. I started with BOST, due to their unabashedly anime-centric model and idealism, including DTO-DRM. YouTube is the leader of shorts, dwarfing every other participant, working to monetize (and perhaps lifting the length limit). They have no DTO. Crunchyroll is Mos Eisley of anime, trying to legalize. Their criminal past gave them enough name recognition to crush BOST (also they are cheaper). Hulu is the epitome of ad-supported, free of charge, video. In anime, they are a newcomer even against BOST, but they have experience in killing and burying mainstream American TV. I know almost nothing about Joost, except that they send mass promotional e-mails to bloggers like me. And about Vuze I know nothing period (well, I do know that they are connected to Azureus somehow). John declined to name iTunes, Amazon Unbox, and Netflix. Anyone wonders what may be common among them? Maybe being massive retail empires… DRM running amok… strange proprietary formats and software? One way to the other, conventional giants aren’t fairing well so far, but they are always around, bidding their time.

P.S. Woops, we both forgot about Veoh, who cannot decide if they want to be Youtube or Crunchyroll.

SDB on Mave-chan

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Steven discusses Mave-chan and seems more pleased than I was. Although, partially the difference with my dissatisfaction was based on different perceptions. I thought that Rei did have enough time to escape in the end, and made a conscious decision to stay, which is completely different from heroically throwing away a chance to return for the sake of the girls (it was there only before, when they did not know if he’d make it). Anyway, he’s got screencaps and spoilers for those who’re interested.

Star Gentle Uterus!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Not sure if I should blog this, because everyone should be reading J.P. anyway, but he’s seen Sailor Stars (an official follow-up to Sailor Moon SuperS). Even after seeing the YouTube clip he linked, I am having a hard time believing that creators can fly off the handle so far.

DiGiKerot on Soul Eater

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Really, the video on these things just looks gorgeous. I was pretty impressed whilst watching the utawarerumono release earlier in the year, but Macross Plus in particularly looks incredibly. It just results in me being really, really frustrated with the fact that BR isn’t, and likely never will be, widespread enough a format for everything to be released that way – I mean, seriously, why on earth isn’t something as beautiful as Soul Eater getting an HD release in Japan? No wonder there’s so much piracy in the industry when off-air captures (either download, TVR or the Blu-Ray recorders that are becoming increasingly prevalent amongst anime fans in Japan) are so much better than the products they are trying to sell us.

Maji deska? You mean the Soul Eater?

Does Itakiss end or not?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Since I’m quite touchy about sequels, Kuro’s “ends or not” scared me like Palin feminists… But before wetting myself, I ran over to Hinano, our expert in all things kissing, and she explained that it’s only one special episode.

BTW, since we’re on topic: those curious about Itakiss may do well to read (somewhat spoilerish) screed by Jen from last Sunday. I don’t think I agree with the premise, but it’s interesting how she takes the show seriously, as if it were the real people [Isn’t it the power of fiction in general? — ed].

Crunchyroll to sell Eve no Jikan

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

ANN claims that Crunchyroll is to provide “a download-to-own (DTO) option without digital rights management (DRM).” If things go like that, members of the community are going to have an apoplexy. I’m happy to see it though, on the balance. I’m a fan of what is apparently known now as DTO-DRM (with iTunes being DTO+DRM, I guess?).

Unfortunately, the “clean” provider BOST (where I bought my Strike Witches) seems to be left out, and it may be a major failure for them. They were late with the announcement of the Strike Witches deal too, but we’re just several days away from the October 2, and so they have very little time to catch up. I’ll be watching them like a hawk and be ready to defect from those Crunchyroll pirates if possible.

Oh Nina, you card…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Anime News Nina strikes gold sometimes, like today. I had my DS for years (I got it just when Lite came out), and I’ve been to major conventions, but I never had an opportunity to use pictochat. So perhaps this is not as realistic… But it’s funny.

Anime @Hulu

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

J.P. says:

There you go. Now you can prop up the failing anime industry by giving them $0.0375 every time you watch a video.


P.S. UrchinTracker onclick? I hope it pays for him…

UPDATE: Since their selection stops right before the best episode of Naruto, I looked at ep.21.

What is up with the huge VIZ logo? Uncouth.

Other than VIZ being jerks, I saw a beautiful video and better translation than fansubs delivered (I think I watched either ANBU or Triad).

Is seeing Rie Tanaka worth $100?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

I had no idea Mike of Anime Diet took it so seriously (via: apparently I misplaced my subscription to Anime Diet for some reason… hopefuly not a database corruption in the reader).

UPDATE: Seen in Omo’s comments:

Omo – the only reason Mike got a ticket was because I (Ray at Anime Diet) wanted a Tanaka Rie autograph (I love female seiyuus) and I paid Mike via Western Union (because I really am in Taiwan). Otherwise he’d not gotten the ticket at all. He never thanked me! Ghar.

Also, Jeff answered the title of this post:


Long answer: Because you get more than just a guaranteed autograph ticket. You also get a free con t-shirt, some random junk, a 10% discount on other NYAF merchandise sold by them, and lines cut. Considering the T-shirt is 15+tax by itself, that already cuts the differential down to $30. Even if you don’t take advantage of the other perks, that will save you hours of time. To me it’s a good deal.