Sixten’s banner for Kairu

November 23rd, 2008 by Author

Yes, I’m still on a little break. Meanwhile, check out the precious little ditty Sixten has done as a commenter’s prize (link). The work took 30 hours. If he took as much as a California auto mechanic, about $80 per hour, that would be $2,400. I’m afraid Ani-nouto’s management won’t be commissioning any nice banners any time soon.

UPDATE: Sixten responds with more numbers, most of them downright disheartening. For example he was talking about a $30K job. When I moved to California on H-1B visa, my first salary was $55K, and that was back in 1997. Even that was barely enough to sustain a family of three (well, we didn’t live in a trailer, but still).

I’m especially concerned because I suspect that my daughter may have designs to become a pro (the above is her work from 2004).