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CCY tea rotation plugin

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

When I saw the post at M3 entitled “time for a cup of tea”, I thought about the “I sip my manly tea” post. And the chance agreed, see the picture.

Unfortunately, the source of the plugin is still not available, because a .php file is getting executed instead of offered for download. The easiest workaround is to rename it into .txt.

UPDATE: Fixed after some twittering.

No-pantsu Ret-con

Monday, December 29th, 2008

In comments to Daniel’s Pantsu Witches post, Steven den Beste writes:

The reason for the lack of pants is that none of the statuettes had pants, and that’s where the character designs came from.

Quite true. However, where is fun in that? Determining what Toga were doing in the forest when Rakka got stuck is the supreme fun for a thinking fan (of course we know that really it’s just ABe screwing the pooch).

Unfortunately, we may be dealing with an exception here. SDB is known to be the master of ret-con and have even done some work on Strike Witches in particular. But the No-Pantsu Problem, evidently, exceeds any possibility of folding it into a rational universe. All we can do is to face it.

UPDATE: Steven says, that TVTropes people did try:

Among other things, they attempt to retcon the pantslessness. One explanation: the Strike Witches can’t wear pants because they get in the way of wearing the Striker Units. And the Strike Witches have become famous and are idolized by girls all over the world, who have started imitating the pantslessness. I don’t buy it, but it’s a nice try.

Indeed, I don’t buy amended school uniform code.

Kuro on 2008

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Kurogane pops an end-of-year post with cutesy capsule summaries and huge images (Murasaki, oh god). It’s possible to disagree with the selection in detail — why is Toradora out while Nogizaka is in — but overall, I think, the post gives a faithful feel for the year.

UPDATE: Kurogane e-mailed that Toradora is not in because we haven’t seen the ending yet.

Daniel on Pantsu Witches

Monday, December 29th, 2008


Apart from the absence of trousers, the other main topic seems to have been the show’s distribution via Crunchyroll and BOST. It was rather amusing that something so well-calculated to provoke moral disapproval should be one of the few anime legally available within a respectably short time of its first broadcast.

At first reading I thought the above deliciously ironic too, but then I remembered that law and moral are quite different. The modern copyright law is tilted heavily towards, if not written by, the content owners at the expense of the consumers (e.g. us, the populace). Isn’t it amoral? Not to menton how it depresses the development of arts, as documented by Prof. Lessig., and hurts the society in the balance as well. So perhaps Strike Witches rushing ahead is only symptomatic. It may also be a completely random event, triggered by GONZO’s financial situation. After all, the Tower of Druaga was the first watcheable, DTO show at BOST, not Strike Witches. Crunchyroll’s mind rays may be confusing bloggers here.

Actually, speaking of BOST, wasn’t Strike Witches the last new anime that they announced? I rather liked BOST, although it’s probably a bad sign when a site is muscled out of the top spot on Google by the Birkenhead Operatic Society and the Bankside Open Spaces Trust.

Considering that nothing came from their CEO’s promises to show Linebarrels, I am pretty sure that BOST is only an empty shell of the website anymore. It will continue to exist as long as the trickle of revenue is greater than the bandwidth and hosting fees. Here’s what Ms. Fan said when Liberarrels fell through:

I suppose the sharp followers would have guessed that we were originally planning to deliver Gonzo’s latest title “Linebarrels of Iron” – a title which we BOST were proud to have partcipated in the subtitling process for the world premiere of the first episode at this year’s Anime Expo. However, the condition of the last minute changes to the contract puts us at great financial risk which we simply cannot afford – we simply cannot pay for it as we are still a small operation without major backing. As such, except for the first epsidoe, we are also no longer involved in the localization and the subtitling process of “Linebarrels of Iron”.

She may try again, but I’m not optimistic.

Jonathan Tappan on Aria (the Animation)

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

His reviews are noted for sharp wit that makes me laugh hard (not sure if it’s intentional):

Oddly, the inhabitants of Neo Venezia seem to be predominantly Japanese. Or maybe that isn’t so odd. If the real Venice were to sink into the mud, who would be more likely to create a replica as a tourist destination? It would be just like the real thing, except cleaner.

On a more serious note:

I am generally not a fan of English dubs, but it this case it is rather unfortunate that one is not provided. Unlike the vast majority of animes published in America, this one would be suitable for children who are too young to read the subtitles. (They might not understand everything but they could still enjoy it.) Without a dub they are out of luck.

2005 was only three years ago, so it’s a bit different from Anime Eigo’s release strategy.

Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam (Furthermore it is my opinion that Mahoraba must be licensed).

Evirus on Christmas Cake

Friday, December 26th, 2008

I tried to expand the Christmas Cake gallery, but I cannot remember anyone but Kuroi-sensei.

She’s, however, the archetype played to the hilt, exept for one thing: I never understood what her problem was. She plays MMORPGs, so surely a homepage at Mixi should not be too hard for her (even I have one). So, what is it? Nyamo and Yukari had an explanation.


Friday, December 26th, 2008

I went to a restaurant in Santa Fe, called “Kohnami”. Here’s what the title of their menu looks like:

The first character is listed in The New Nelson as an alternative to well-known “kami”/神. Its Nelson index is 4088, Morohashi number 24673. However, according to New Nelson, it does not have Shift-JIS encoding. My Wordtank does not list any computer encodings at all (not even Unicode). So, how did they print the menu? It must be some trick that MS Office permits.

UPDATE: J.Greely wrote by e-mail that “alt-kami” has a UNICODE code point FA19:

A lot of software seems to convert this into 神, but 神 has its own Unicode code point, and is in most of the kanji fonts I have here from MS, Adobe, and Apple. When I try to type it in one of the few fonts that doesn’t have it (Apple’s Osaka), the OS helpfully displays it as 神, but running “od -x” on the resulting text file shows that it’s being stored correctly.

Here’s the screen of my Wordtank that disclaims any knowledge of FA19:

LATER, J. tested Fedora 10 and found that it worked. Obviously, a font that contains the gliph is necessary.


Friday, December 26th, 2008

Left: Kanken DS (2.50 mil ppl), right: Kakitori-kun.

Sadly, the game is monopolized by Ana-sempai.

Omo on ef in aggregate

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Omo addresses the question if parts of ef form a sequence or something else:

As the second season, ef – a tale of melodies, comes to an end, it becomes increasingly clear to me that the two seasons were planned in conjunction. […]

It also makes me wonder if I can truly appreciate the core content to the show without experiencing the entire package – both the games and the two season of anime. The stories as I hear from the game suggest that the anime are indeed complementary, rather than adaptive. And likewise, a tale of melodies complements a tale of memories; they are only sequel by definition, not by function, much like the two games are parts of a whole.

I’m still not planning on watching the ef ~melo~, primarity out of concern that it would damage the memories of its predecessor, sequel or not. Seriously, Kuze+Mizuki? More like ef ~sacriledge~!

BTW, Omo’s shoutout blurb managed to represent my position exactly backwards, it looks like. If I wanted “more of the same”, I would look forward for a sequel, deshou?


Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Cokematic praises Nodame Paris without mentioning that it was, in fact, a sequel for the 2007 original. I am even not certain he realizes it. BTW, I ended dropping Paris-hen.