Midori no Hibi begins

December 10th, 2008 by Author

I ordered Midori Days from Netflix with a certain trepidation. I pride myself on being spoiler-proof, but I managed to spoil myself by reading old Lawson’s bloggage (and that means old old bloggage, before Hop Step Jump). So I know that Ayase is a kind of a prototype for Ami of Toradora. But this series has an ending.

Everything was quite good so far. The organization of the beginning is similar to Ranma or Kamichu, where viewers are made to face the life-altering fact at the start, and everything flows from there, with the backstory filled in as necessary. Simple and effective. Everyone is likeable and acts naturally. Honestly, I’m concerned… Some bloggers said that the series is “forgettable” (Aroduc went as far as say that every time with Ayase on screen was “painful”). But I’m enjoying this a lot.