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Today’s DTO Experiment . . . . . FAILED

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Presented without further comment:

Oh BOST, how I miss thee.

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Nanoha 08

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

There was something in Nanoha 08 that made me to pencil down: “This looks like something from Sixten‘s comic.” Now I will never know what I meant; it was a fleeting association based on some cute moment. All I know it occured before the values of Nanoha’s and Fate’s powers were stated, which I wrote next (both were above 9000, BTW).

SDS on Abunai Sisters

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Seen at Ogiue Maniax:

“Not so!” say Kano Mika and Kano Kyoko, two women known collectively as the “Kano Sisters” who appeared at Otakon 2008 alongside JAM Project and other guests to announce their new anime: an anime about them. And apparently, all they had at the time were some drawings of them as characters by a guy who makes Japanese baseball team mascots, which they just used over and over.

This reminds me about the Hi Hi Puffy Ami-Yumi animation. I survived about 3 or 4 minutes of it. But I listen to the OP track on MP3 sometimes, as it came on my Puffy CD.

Abunai Sisters is a 90-minute DVD release with 30 3-minute episodes. It’s being made by Production I.G. Yes, PRODUCTION I.G. You like Ghost in the Shell? How about Innocence? Stand Alone Complex? That’s all Production I.G and so is ABUNAI SISTERS. It also has the most hilarious pricing scheme ever, one which lowers the cost of each individual DVD if more people end up buying it overall. The lowest it goes is $65, the highest $340. $65 minimum for 90 minutes of bad tits jokes and an English-with-Japanese-subtitles-only release. At least Bandai Visual had good properties! So if you run any sort of bad anime panel at a convention, this should probably be on your list.

When I think of Production I.G., I think of Moribito.

Anyway, thus encouraged by SDS, I braved the video at ANN.

It turned out much worse than Hi Hi Puffy. First of all, SDS forgot to mention that Abunai Sisters is a horrifying 3D that GONZO would’ve been ashamed to produce. But also, although Ami and Yumi were conscious of their celebrity status, they were not intent on frat humor. As a result, I started skipping pretty quickly, and probably did not accumulate more than a minute or two.

I don’t know what I expected. Some things are so bad that they are good, but I guess this isn’t it.

Slowdown notice

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Due to various life pressures, I will be scaling back my blog posting schedule. This is a good time for you, gentle readers, to investigate the fine blogs on my blogroll and start reading them instead.

Rewatching Lucky Star 13-14

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

A few random bits:

SDB asked about these characters a couple of years ago, before Chizumatic [link: @mark 20060907.2300]. Kuroi-sensei is having a fit of Yukari-sensei styled glee.

And this is something he asked just recently: Abunai serifu kinshi!

The poor underutilized Miyuki is my favourite.

Either my tolerance for stupidity increased recently, or I’m just going senile, but I enjoyed the burning salesman skits more than on the first pass.

Similarly, all the cute stuff like the pressure of big-sister responsibility seems even cuter now.

You can see Avatar sweating these parts.

Astronerdboy on the moldy train clip

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Astronerdboy linked that old and moldy video clip that I saw years ago. It made circles anew recently thanks to Failblog.

When I lived in Japan, I never went out and about during the morning or evening commute times simply because there is NO way I would ever put up with this (and yes, I heard stories about this kind of crowding way back then). How would you like to be packed in like this?

In the U.S., there’s a push in some big cities for more light rail systems and while I have no problem with light rail as such per se, this is worse than being in rush-hour traffic. At least there, I’m sitting comfortably in my car. ^_^;

Light rail in the U.S. is just a huge bonghole. In San Jose, CA, for example, for the cost it takes to run the stupid light rail, every rider of the darn thing can be given a leased BMW X3. Now think about the safety issues operating that rail and all the real estate wasted by the tracks (they are colocated with car traffic in the downtown, but not elsewhere). And it’s not like San Jose was jammed to begin with. It’s just a horrible waste and retardity [1].

I heard it’s the same in Houston. Let’s ask Ubu Roi!

Mass transit only makes sense where it’s truly massive. Remember the story of Yurikamome, a rubber tire train running across the bay between Odaiba and some place a bit north of Shinagawa. Originally intended for tourists visiting the Maritime Museum, it ran at huge loss until zoning laws[1] were changed to allow business development in Odaiba. These days it brings a bit of a profit with commuters and may return the investment in another 25 years or so. The HQ of the company in Dai-Guard is located in Odaiba, and the main character commutes by Yurikamome. I rode it to TAF, it was nice… and packed. Of course it shold be, or else it would not be profitable.

As for the original trip, we rode Yamanote from Ueno to Tokyo Station in the morning once, just to get the taste of it. It was a good life lesson for Ana-sempai, I think.

[1] There used to be a blog by a bus driver in San Jose who keept carping how unfair the whole thing was, and how many buses could’ve been run for all the money sunk into the light rail. I tend to agree, a better bus service in San Jose would be much better for the citizens, although perhaps not for contractors and politicians whom those contractors contribute.

[2] For some reason, some believe that Japan does not have zoning. But it does.

The former Badger on FS/N

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Martin has settled at the new digs and posted something to pique my interest.

I never grasped quite why Rin felt the need to come to his aid so often.

She’s in love with Emiya, that’s why. Isn’t it obvious?

Maybe Rin’s concern for [Emiya] is supposed to be obvious but it added a bit of mystique to the character I think of as the other lead, and as such was probably my favourite of the bunch. Her fortitude and tenacity endeared her to me from the get-go…or perhaps it was just the way she did her hair. Either way I found her at least as likable as Shirou or Saber, and much more interesting than the rather generic Sakura. Her pairing with Archer had a great dynamic too: they’re a pairing of stubborn and in many ways very similar personalities, which worked really well on screen.

When he’s right, he’s right, and he’s right. The remark about the duo makes me itch to spoil: Archer’s real identity actually is… well, he is going to go through VN soon anyway.

Saber’s true identity for instance was a great plot development, which is a textbook example of what I’d use in arguing that F/S N had a great story and a staggering amount of characterisation behind it.

I found it a good idea too, although perhaps it’s my background. I didn’t even know who the heck the rest was, including Gilgamesh (of whom Japanese are inordinarily fond: there’s another one in Druaga, for example). I demand Sgt. York! [They had Chuck Yeager in Srike Witches, does that count? — ed.]

TJ Han on Druaga (Sword) 01

Friday, January 9th, 2009


Now, having seen the first episode of the sequel to Aegis of Uruk, the Sword of Uruk, I’m totally convinced it’ll be another fun season of job classes, epic RPG style battles and some romantic comedy. It’s great anime, that’s for sure. The only problem is GONZO’s dying as we speak, and I’m not sure the Sword of Uruk’ll be that much of a success as Strike Witches was.

The latter was terrible, but apparently has great sales. This really speaks volumes about otaku taste, doesn’t it? They buy the DVD just to see uncensored tits! Thankfully, GONZO sneaks in some censored nipples into Druaga as well, which should insure some sort of income for the series.

I have to disagree with our master of baiting here. Strike Witches was not terrible, its fanservice was. Or, as I mentioned before, “In Strike Witches, the key idea is to pound into viewers’ minds that no matter what is shown on the screen, it’s completely natural and acceptabe in the other world… so, tough it out, suckers!” It’s completely baseless[1] to presuppose that fans bought DVDs because of the de-censoring. Maybe they wanted to see Minna Wilke singing in the red dress (CV: Rie Tanaka)! Secondly, according to John @Animenation, “[] Japanese government’s Ministry of Cultural Affairs has recognized the Strike Witches TV series as one of 2008’s best anime” (I think I heard of it by myself too, but I don’t have links handy).

Because of the above, I’m not sure how much stock we can put into TJ’s assessement of Druaga. I liked both the Uruk (sans the fillers) and Sword 01.

[1] OK, it’s not completely baseless. It’s worse. There’s a certain stereotype of a wanking moron otaku who buys “all those DVDs” and TJ plays up to it.

Omni on Druaga (Sword) 01

Friday, January 9th, 2009

The King of Episodic Blogging have spoken, and he’s not displeased. One thing:

[] who was that red-haired woman looking [through the window] at Kaaya at the beginning? The only person I could think of with that color hair is Ahmey, but I really don’t want them to magically revive her character.

Good question. It’s not necesserily Ahmey. Can be anyone, like Kaaya’s mother. And as for the revival, this is not DBZ. Personally, I would not mind, if not overdone. Remember Vandread and Gascoyne? If we take the hypothesis seriously that GONZO has not progressed since making Vandread… And history always repeats itself. Maybe this is the time of farce.

Hinano’s bra

Friday, January 9th, 2009

I knew about Hinano’s international shopping since she twittered: “omg my bra from Japan came! that was fast! and it’s cheaper and nicer than if I got it at Victoria’s secret!”

God, I so love capitalism. The same invisible hand that has built airplanes, airports, banks, credit cards, and warehouses supplies Hinano with bra and myself with R2 DVDs. I still remember what it took to import anything through the iron curtain. My mother obtained a can of peanut butter once. Anyway, here to the progress and Hinano’s bra.