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SDS on Hinata

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

He warns against spoilers, but the article at OGIUE MANIAX is actually rather tame by comparison with real spoilers that Hinano piles on us. Anyway, he says:

Hinata, before anyone else, was the first to realize Naruto’s true character, and it’s only natural that her admiration would turn into romantic affection.

Naruto is rife with great characters and of course Hinata is right there with the best, despite starring in worst episode of the classic series.

As for the ch.437, I think that Kishimoto is aggravated by the ridiculous move that anime gave Hinata in the filler ep.146 and decided that the only solution is to kill her off (or at best retire her like Lee before surgery).

D.Merryl and CED

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I’ve never heard about CED until mentioned on Let’s Anime. My first anime arrived on 16mm celluloid (24mm, and later 35mm in public). But D.Merryl clearly had my number with CED. Mechanically recorded video? In 1972? My father has built our first TV in 1975 (black and white, of course).

Zyl on The Asuka Question

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Hontou ni sou omou (discussing a picture — see the post):

In 2000, I actively disliked Asuka. I think I must have disliked her chara so much that it overrode my feeling then that Rei was being depicted out of character. But, more recently, when I dug the drawing out and put it up, I’ve been thinking that Rei isn’t all that out of chara; she did slap Shinji for dissing Gendou and gave Asuka the Glare of Death once when she dissed Shinji. And I’ve mellowed towards Asuka too. While she hasn’t triggered my flag the way she had with Evirus, I’ve become more appreciative of the way she contributes to and completes the trinity, being the Obvious Bitchy Basketcase together with Whiny Lead Basketcase and Silent Timebomb Basketcase.

I certainly can relate. I only watched serveral episodes of the series, mostly out of order, when it ran and re-ran at Cartoon Network. So, my most complete impression of the whole thing came from Death and Rebirth, where Asuka is simply unbearable. As a result, Evirus was an enigma to me initially.

The picture is pretty nice, even with the character models a bit off.

Limits of the Internet, overcome

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

After I have given up on ever seeing the Yasutaka Tsutsui’s story, J.Greely sent me a pointer to a seller at Amazon, who’s got it. There must be some lesson in it.

Strangely, it’s easier to read than Joshikosei, Liftoff!, it being light novel and all. Go firgure.

Strike Witches continuity

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Steven brings up his puzzlement regarding the way Strike Witches can be continued. Regarding that… I made this point in his comments before, but does anyone remember J2? It has a category at Ani-nouto, you know. J2 teaches us that an excuse is entirely unnecessary to create a superior sequel, and in fact the way it was grafted onto Jubei-chan’s continuity was the worst part of the series. SW2 may yet fall on its face, but it’s entirely orthogonal to the question of the excuse.

BTW, bet Sufa is going to be a character in it. Maybe even small Army vs. Navy rivalry for spice. And who cares about the continuity, we have pantsu!

DiGiKerot and Idolmaster SP

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

In case anyone thought that I was a fan of the game or anything, here’s what a real fan is like: “three sets of the alternative sleeves for the game” (with pictures!). Sadly, judging from the YouTube videos, the PSP version is animated much worse than 360. DiGiKerot puts a positive spin to it though:

PSP iM@S is actually a pretty good game. Obviously it doesn’t have the visual fidelity of the 360 version – it’s cel-shading is entirely faux, achieved using fixed pre-shaded textures and a lack of lighting, and its frame rate does tend to stutter a little when there’s two characters on display during the dialogue sequences – and the fact that you can only manage one character at once kind of stings, but from what I’ve played so far, everything else seems like a step-up from the 360 version.

Still, even if I wanted to play this, I probably would not bother, what is with all the firmware and region issues. My daughter has an ancient PSP that has gone into a semi-retirement after I got her a DS, and I even inquired about borrowing it. But the uncertainty is too great, and in any case I’m not a gamer.

UPDATE: DiGiKerot e-mailed that I’m just confused and there’s no region coding for games, only for UMD movies.

ON SECOND THOUGHT: I lookead a screencaps at Play-Asia and became convinced that with my Japanese, I would be getting way ahead of myself by attempting to play this. Otherwise, the game is eminently affordable (unlike a project of getting a whole Japanese 360).

J.Valdez on Toradora

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

To follow-up on my previous comment, here’s a beautiful example of how the faithful perceive the proceedings:

If there is one common vein in the connections between characters in Toradora, it is that the characters were fixed in a direction and they continue in that direction no matter the results. Taiga chases Kitamura. Ryuji chases Minori. Kitamura had already set his eyes on someone other than Taiga. Minori altruistically attempts to ignore her feelings for Taiga’s sake. Ami, for her part, seems to want a rescue. From what? Her, adult life, more than likely.

The way we feel, the thoughts and emotions that bubble up from events in our lives are often out of our control. Emotion is to reason, as Chaos is to mathematics. They are seemingly random and fierce, but there is a type of order and beauty to them. Yet, they have a butterfly effect of their own. Why is it that the smallest things sometimes stir the greatest of passions. It’s just a bit odd.

You’d think it was an adaptation of Dostoyevsky.

Otou and sales numbers

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Shameful Otaku Secret:

What if, amidst all the baiting and switching, R1 is actually their [Kadokawa’s] potential target? Author seems to think the numbers tell a disheartening story for that theory, but that’s not really a surprise. The sales of the first Haruhi series over here were nothing like the fansub-watching internet fandom naively imagined they would be.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what the fandom imagined back then, precisely. The real numbers were healthy, for an anime.

As for R1 being a target, there’s no doubt about it actually. Chairman Kadokawa has gone on record with his international inclinations. They invested in DreamWorks a few years back, for instance.

Aroduc on Toradora SOS

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Tenka Seiha:

It’s only five minutes long, and probably something that JCStaff threw together in a weekend to make fun of Kadokawa. I support them in this endevor, but must admit that I’d watch puppy Ami any day of the week. On the other hand, it just reminds me how awesome of a job JCStaff does with being downright adorable when they want to. Maybe one day we’ll get that proper Mahoraba ending or a second season of Potemayo.

Although thinking about Haruhi-chan is natural in today’s context, such extras existed long before, for example in To Heart.

What Does Badger Read

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Martin dropped a recommendation list today. Check it out. I’ve gone through all of listed blogs some time ago, found them wanting, and only kept the one with korean name (although, even that is pushing its luck with the lesbian stuff recently). But they all seem like honest efforts at least and merit consideration.

UPDATE: He’s also sent out letters prodding out bloggers to list. So far Kabitzin and lelangir fell for it. I had a half of mind about doing this too, but why bother when the cream of Blogosphere is on it.