The end of Heart’s Contents

February 8th, 2009 by Author

By now everyone probably knows that Sixten’s blog suffered a significant security breach and was re-initiated as “H.C.Staff”, the blog.

Some of the old content can still be recovered, e.g. from Google, but it’s such a tedious and massive work that I expect that we’ll never see it. Sixten always was too busy with ongoing things to absorb extra load from recovery activities. Also, it is my impression that he’s not handy with scripts that would automate the work, and you wouldn’t want him copy-pasting 150+ entries, right?

I found that old images are still visible on the site; the intruder did not wipe out everything. Here’s a picture that illustrates the genesis of Jasmine (it was posted before the breakup):

In memoriam.

UPDATE: See the status update.