J.Valdez on Toradora

February 25th, 2009 by Author

To follow-up on my previous comment, here’s a beautiful example of how the faithful perceive the proceedings:

If there is one common vein in the connections between characters in Toradora, it is that the characters were fixed in a direction and they continue in that direction no matter the results. Taiga chases Kitamura. Ryuji chases Minori. Kitamura had already set his eyes on someone other than Taiga. Minori altruistically attempts to ignore her feelings for Taiga’s sake. Ami, for her part, seems to want a rescue. From what? Her, adult life, more than likely.

The way we feel, the thoughts and emotions that bubble up from events in our lives are often out of our control. Emotion is to reason, as Chaos is to mathematics. They are seemingly random and fierce, but there is a type of order and beauty to them. Yet, they have a butterfly effect of their own. Why is it that the smallest things sometimes stir the greatest of passions. It’s just a bit odd.

You’d think it was an adaptation of Dostoyevsky.