April 14th, 2009 by Author

I watched 8 minutes 45 seconds of Eve no Jikan 01, found it unbearable (more about it later, maybe), and, instead of wallowing in depression, decided to double up by watching [Natsu no] Arashi. Good call.

In one word: woa. Or, more precisely, OMFG WTF BBQ. I think that’s the Internet slang for this kind of thing. My ordinary vocabulary does not have the depth and mere superlatives seem inadequate. That thing can make me love anime again, if only they do not make another Maria+holic out of it, with a crumpled ending.

P.S. Crunchyroll, I hate you, or whoever is the jerk rights-holder (Media Factory? Kadokawa?). I want to buy this show, but there’s no DTO option. Why oh why?

UPDATE: Oh wait, isn’t the original source by that loser who screwed up his own manga by pandering to stupid shippers among his fans? Now I’m seriously scared that even SHAFT will be unable to save it. But it started so well!