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Evirus on his struggle with K-ON

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

His description and illustrations of the contrast between “Mio as viewers see her” and “Mio as she actually appears in the show” sounds pretty persuasive, although he also has a screencap of supposedly “the timid and almost mousy girl” lifting a fellow band member by her lapel…

I’m seriously considering checking out this show. I need to know what the noise is about.

SDB’s lookahead buffer

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Steven publishes blurbs. Let’s see…

Bamboo Blade: Funny, nice cast. Nothing special, but has a category at Ani-nouto.

Umisho: No information. Jason Miao was big on it.

Nagasarete Airantou: No information. Although… I remember Steven being hard on Sister Princess in J.P.’s comments for girls being props. Well, duh.

Manabi Straight: Cannot do better than requote myself:

Manabi, which turned upon the titanic struggle of the 4+1 main girls to save their festival. Usually when a director wants to highlight characters at such level, he has to resort to robust violence, tragic love, robots with drills, end of the world, or a combination of them. One thing about Azumanga was that while it had well developed characters, they were not challenged; everything was pastel colored. But the fury of the conflict in Manabi allows to paint everyone in primary colors.

The problem is, it starts slowly and the first several episodes are a chibi festival. Please use these flowers!

ZnT 2: Not only it’s a sequel to milk the fanbase, they reset Louise to the same brat she was in the beginning.

Kanokon: No information (but I heard it was pretty dire).

Do blurbs tell us any of it? If they do, one needs serious skills in reading between the lines to find the information.

Melancholy of Haruhi-chan 21,22

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Hanners reminded me to check the new Haruhi-chan.

Churuya realizes the potential that the main show promised but never delivered. I’m afraid that I’ll need to buy the DVD, just as the evil Chairman Kadokawa planned when he uploaded these clips.

Kabitzin on Hatsukoi kick

Friday, April 24th, 2009

He is right, the kick is possible. I know this from experience without doing any calculations. However, anyone who’s any good is smarter than that. There’s no power in it at the top end of one’s reach. What she should have done (or creators should’ve done if they cared for the realism) is turn the bottom foot so thaStill, t toes face directly away from the target.

BTW, you know what has a good basic fight? To Heart.

UPDATE: LELANGIR says (no permalink) “prolly from his dau-OHSHI”. He’s close, but no cigar. We went to the same dojo, of course. But Ana-sempai was majorly into spin kicks and various tricks, not so much into high kicks. Also, she’s almost as tall as I am, so she never needed to overwork in this regard. Still, I had the experience of sparring with some rather ambitious girls of various ranks (up to 3rd in fact) and of various sizes.

Pixy on Erfworld anime

Friday, April 24th, 2009

He proclaims that the world needs an Erfworld anime. The timing of the announcement suggests that Pixy saw the page of Wanda fanservice with GiTS-esque ruminations.

I don’t think Erfworld brings much to the table. There was so much BAMF anime before, and bamfing into the middle of a brutal conquest is no news either. The only thing it can teach anime creators is not use ancient Japan as the world, but try the contrived game world… oh, wait. Digimon.

Face it: Erfworld’s design is a worse foundation than the curse of a drowned individual. There’s no consistency in it at all. You want another Druaga, only worse? Spare me.

Wanda’s boobs are great, but anime world has plenty of that already, plus better foundation. And when it’s not better, the result invariably sucks.

Cokematic on Hockey anime

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I laughed. One note though, the sport’s lack of popularity is no impediment. Sure, popularity won’t hurt. Witness the endless progression of baseball anime: Big Windup, One Outs and so on. But it’s not like Mahjong is the national sport of Japan.

AstroNerdBoy on HoiHoi-san

Friday, April 24th, 2009

The post at Astronerdboy laments the lack of “a proper anime adaptation” for HoiHoi-san. Boy, do I remember that. In the world of remakes, fresh ideas at at premium, which is what actually makes HoiHoi-san‘s passing below the radar so lamentable.

It should be painfully clear to fans of Hoi-hoi that there’s not enough material in the manga for a regular adaptation. AstroNerdBoy admits as much. He also writes that “the original manga could be expanded upon and stories written around the premise or premises” — an obvious solution. If GONZO can make Strike Witches out of a toy line, surely better can be done about HoiHoi-san by anyone.

But then, don’t call it adaptation. Remember Xenoglossia? Nobody calls that an “adaptation”. That should be the ideal for HoiHoi-san.

And don’t despair. As the vacuum of ideas gets felt stronger in the years down the road, studio execs will send emissaries to dig through archives and try various forgotten properties for size. I can see HoiHoi-san given a new life easily some time in 2015.

SDB on Saki 01

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


And I just watched the first [episode]. And you know what? It was really good!

As to the yuri elements, well, yeah there’s some of that. […] It’s suggestive to the people who are looking for yuri elements, but it can also be read completely innocently.

The initial story of recruitment of Saki reminded me about Bamboo Blade (the way Steven told it anyway).

UPDATE: Steven takes TJ’s trolling seriously and tries an honest answer:

The Saki character appealed to me; that’s really the core of it. She appealed to me as a person. She’s not a wimp; she doesn’t let herself get pushed around. When, at the end of ep 2, she joined the MahJong club, it was because she had decided she really wanted to. She wasn’t railroaded, and attempts to railroad her would have failed because she’s strong willed.

I’d buy that if I didn’t remember how Akane Miura would not get a break from him. There’s nothing wrong in “take pride in being incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, and unfair… deliberately”. I’m just saying that he may be wilfully blind about other parts of Saki aside from the will.

UPDATE late Saturday: Steven clarifies that he’s never had the chance to evaluate Akane, because he was poisoned by Yukari’s brattiness and dropped the series before Akane showed her qualities.

New Azu(manga), new chapters?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Oh goodie. Zepy reports:

Azuma Kiyohiko will be doing three all new chapters for the new monthly magazine by Shogakukan called Gessan (short for Monthly Shounen Sunday). These new chapters will also be in the Shogakukan special re-release version of Azumanga which will be recompiled to 3 books instead of 4.

On Mr. Azuma’s own blog, I can only see the mention of republication, but nothing about any new chapters.

Dear Azuma-sensei: you know how much I hate milking and how much I love Azumanga. Quit these enabling violations already, for my sanity. Also, if you keep it up, an OVA cannot be far behind.

TJ on Shangri-la

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The man raises in Shangri-la’s defence, with passages like:

People think GONZO sucks, and thus watch Shangri-La to spot instances where GONZO sucks.

That’s an astute observation, in general. Once a certain mindset sets in, you may throw Tatsuo Sato on the problem, and it will sink anyway. That said, the very next sentence builds strawmen:

If you read other anime blogs which flame Shangri-La, you’ll notice such observations like “incoherent plot”, “boring”, “carbon trading is not exciting” etc. It’s pretty obvious that the story hasn’t even kicked in yet, but no, it’s “incoherent” already.

This is actually not what the the common critique was. TJ only lists reactions whereas there are also problematic facts (such as the intentionally polically charged world construction). Can I say Tokyo Marble Chocolate?

As Hinano commented, “Stop pretending that Gonzo doesn’t suck and trying to get hits to your blog by attempting to stir up dorama lol.” Her other half was more circumspect, but nonetheless. TJ’s point would’ve carried more credibility if he weren’t obviously inflammatory.