Nagasarete Airantou 01

May 4th, 2009 by Author

I clenched my teeth to complete the episode. Did I just say that animation in Tayutama was sketchy? Now I’m sorry about it. This is sketchy.

But a bigger issue is the stupidity of the protagonist. SDB mentioned recently somewhere (possibly in someone’s else comments and in a different context) how anime heroes ought to be better than ourselves. But the guy is no Cyrus Smith [1]. Certainly Shiraishi takes his time getting his act together in Mahoraba, but at least he’s not stupid.

[1] I cannot help thinking that a big Rogallo wing carrying a minimal survivalist payload and a skin-on-frame boat ought to be possible given the island’s technology level. There are some practical issues with e.g. water though. Another possibility is a super-dreadnaught of all rafts putting Tor Heyerdal’s Kon-Tiki to shame. It probably could overcome whirlpools by brute force. One way or ther other, Cyrus Smith surely would come up with something.

UPDATE: Steven was kind enough to send me the reference to his comment. I’m going to quote with its context, to show how I extend the context:

Sure, I know that what I’m seeing Saki do is impossible. But that doesn’t matter. Sports stories always involve a degree of super-human ability, mental or physical or spiritual; it’s part of the fantasy element of the story.

Why would I want to watch a show about someone who was stiflingly normal? I want my heros to be heroic. I expect them to be better than I could ever be. That’s not a flaw in Saki, it’s a virtue.

The problem with Nagasarete Airantou is that far from being more heroic than us, the hero is actually worse. I can do better. In fact I could do better when I was at his age. That’s just pathetic.

The show is not even a fanservice romp. Look at girls in Magikano and here. Earth and Heavens!

UPDATE: Steven decided to watch it anyway. Either I wasn’t forceful enough in my condemnation above or my authority was weak. He found the episode “appallingly stupid”.