Jessi on Tayutama

May 9th, 2009 by Author

By now I already know what to expect, and Jessi does not disappoint:

I should have known that I had gotten too far this season without watching one of these nasty little throwaway eroge shows.

It’s not all recycled vocabulary though. Here’s some choice abuse heaped on the hapless show and characters that dared to satisfy different tastes:

Mashiro, probably meant to be the moe core to this rotten apple, ends up just looking freaky with her oversized fox ears and empty purple eyes. […]

Granted, Tayutama 01 didn’t look like a masterpiece, but was it really that bad? I’m going to see a few more episodes to make sure.

UPDATE: Or maybe not:

So just based on the first episode (which is what Jessi and Pete also were talking about) this series doesn’t seem particularly stellar. I have three eps downloaded, and I may watch another. But for the moment this one ranks three snores out of five.