Jessi’s reviews, idiotic and not

May 30th, 2009 by Author

As if to illustrate how bad comments are, we’re having a little dorama in comments at Chizumatic, were I observed how Jessi’s reviews for Sekirei and Arashi were idiotic, Jessi failed hard by thinking that all of her reviews were equally idiotic, and so on. Of course I have no quarrel with her bashing of Queen’s Blade, which I’ve not seen. Aside from that, I noted her reviews of K-ON and Tayutama previously. I did not make any explicit judgements, but since she’s asking: they were not idiotic, but hilariously misguided. I’m providing links for everyone to read, although I do not expect much thanks for the mindshare. She does not appear the type intentionally trolling in these reviews. Still, Jessi is a good illustration why I do not use the word “crap” as a rule when reflecting on anime.