Is Ponyo a Classic?

August 26th, 2009 by Author

As quoted by Don, Jonathan writes:

I had to drive over 20 miles to reach a theater that was showing Ponyo. Meanwhile, every single theater in the area is showing another Disney movie about violent, flatulent guinea pigs. Now of course, Disney knows a lot about marketing animated films, and I’m sure that they will say that most Americans want to see the guinea pigs and don’t want to see a classic film by the greatest living master of animation.

My better half was pestering me to watch Ponyo, but I declined. Firstly, I hate movie theater experience and the stench of pop corn. But also, reviews were mixed[1]. Apparently, the ending wasn’t very dramatic.

More importantly though, is everything Miyazaki makes is now an instant classc? How about Howl’s Moving Castle? It certainly has the classic hate of all things military in it. Or should I say, trademark hate. Perhaps Jonathan simply meant a film made using traditional techniques when he wrote “classic”.

And BTW, 20 miles is a big deal now? What a whiner. Just move somewhere where they built freeways or something. And be happy it was shown 20 miles away. Tokikake was only shown in LA and NY, 2000 miles away for me.

UPDATE: Jonathan replies with some clarifications, doubling up on comparisons with Totoro.

[1] Cunningham was positive, but some time ago I decided that he’s not credible. Porco Rosso was basically made around the single scene. Is that a good thing?