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R(Shingu) := 5

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I look down on people “twittering” or “liveblogging” their anime runs because it is virtually guaranteed to be a weak substitute for humor (Jason, I’m looking at you). In fact I never saw a dump with anything interesting, not even once. Yet, in an e-mail discussion yesterday Zyl in essense suggested such infodump as a valid blogging form, especially if it has screencaps (he opposed it to the art of capturing one screencap that expresses the essense of the whole show; it is often a difficult excercise and I think the only time I succeeded with it was To Heart).

Since I rewatched Shingu for the 5th time, this may be a good time to try The Zyl Style. Poor server! The chronological order is kept, spoilers are absent to minimal.

This is how far I reached into true tears before I decided that the required emotional investment was too great, ejected the disc and loaded Shingu v.1.

The obligatory intro: it’s the future, baby.

Shingu does not have “Parential Abandonment” trope (even it looks like it at first). Go Tatsuo Sato!

Hajime slays the party with his fake naivite.

Yawning Nayuta is a big clue, one of many thrown around, but when I watched for the first time, I ignored all this stuff. Why think? It’s anime, right?

The two caps above do not quite work in a gif since the color changes. Blasted celluloid film technology. Check out how all three characters move.

“Okujou ni!”

Fourth from the left is the stereotypical English teacher, which may be fine for an anime as old as Shingu, but it’s about time they used a big black dude for it.

The note for this was “03 Harumi is not moe, just awesome”. I didn’t mean to blog this and used the m-word.

Oh, god.

A one-shot character. So good. BTW, animated.

Harumi again. For those who’s seen it, I find the logic of the scene confusing. What is the problem here?

Nayuta and Romi Pak’s voicework. At first pass, her diatribes irritated me a bit, but later I warmed up to them.

It’s not a pantheon-class facial distortion, but it’s good, not overdone.

OK, this one is not so good, not like most of them. Off-model a bit, I think.

I think I blogged this before, but one kg of meat for what, seven people? Japan is tough, even in the future.


Oh hell yes. Hell, yes.


The glass, can you see it?

Odd coloring here.

The food (two shots).

I really turned around on just about everything about Shingu, except Setsuna. Something about her demeanor irritates me immensely even now.

Well, some of it is not so bad, but still.


I think Isozaki is kinda cold. Pretty, yes, but remote.

OK, now Momoe can make me a henchman any time. It’s unclear to me just what she knew and when. For example, was she aware for Setsuna’s identity (through Asougi)?


I bypassed capping this part before, so for completeness.

Futaba is withering, almost like Chiyo-chan who learned that Okinawa trip is cancelled.

Ditto. BTW, voiced by Rie Kugimiya, and says things like “wara-wara” (in jest).


A throwaway shot on a moldy topic, but still good.

Shingu features a few awesome talk scenes. If I’m not mistaken the role of Judo club captain is played by Makoto Higo.

“Tabeta yo ne?”

LOL, right?

Hajime identifies it as “oden-pan”. Later they talk about kelp and fish cake being in it.

Can never have too much Harumi. BTW, she’s the only character (with a great degree of precision) who changes her attire.

Weird musical instrument.

As the action heated up, capping stopped. Still, one tense moment. The object in front is Shun’s head (duh).

All in all, 44 honest pictures, and heavy on the mystery food-like product. Steven’s commenters did not mention “oden”, and settled on “chikuwa”.

Damien on ED of GA:GADC

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Moe Check:

It does keep my mind off the spectacle of Baby Noda humping the teddy bear.

A.N.Nina on moeblobs

Friday, August 21st, 2009

I think she’s making fun of Potemayo… and herself. The simple pleasures of catching up to Nina, I really should make sure to check it out no more often than twice a year.

BD sales in Japan are 50% anime

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

This is just what John reports:

GfK Marketing Services Japan reports that more than 50% of the money Japanese consumers spent to purchase Blu-ray discs during the first half of 2009 went to anime discs.

What about other countries?

The manga cafe in SF closes

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

As Deb Aoki (a U.S. manga industry personality) reports (via), the only Japan-style manga cafe in SF Japantown closes after a short stint in business. I think Deb is right that there very, very few people in America who would read manga in Japanese.

Tangentially, I think shop “On The Bridge” still operates. But of course, the food there is the main attraction.


Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

I don’t have much time and I have a choice of either blogging or watching another episode of Shingu.

BTW, Hachyo is holding a combo that includes the tube.

Brickmuppet needs urgent help w/Tokyo

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Brickmuppet is asking if it’s possible to cash A Western Union Money Order in Tokyo. Apparently he managed to get stuck in there without money and he has one of the black and yellow things. Sounds like a set-up for a Megatokyo-like cartoon, but is sadly real.

If Meenuvia’s comment system defeats you, please e-mail me your suggestion and I’ll pass it on.

KyotoAni hates seyuu too

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

It was said that KyotoAni hates Haruhi and its fans. But apparently they hate seyuu too:

Sankaku Complex links to an appearance Hirano made — though I don’t think the quote in the headline is a potentially misleading translatin. What she actually says is “yatteru hou yori miteru hou ga taihen da na to omoinagara…” which is roughly that she thinks that watching it was worse (tougher, harsher, or if you prefer, more awful) than making it.

She goes on to talk about the pressure of having to record the same episode eight times. (Remember, they re-animated each episode, so it would need to be re-recorded every time, not just the few changes.)

Hirano also notes that all of the cast was mystified when they heard they’d be doing the same episode, and that it was especially tough for Tomokazu Sugita, who plays Kyon, because he had some ad-lib moments.

She also thanks fans who stuck with the show past Endless Eight and says that it’s nice to have escaped the arc.

Oh and yes, the Hitler. Also, check out the faces of Orion.

Mysterious Zyl

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Zyl asks (on the old, non-joint blog):

P.S. Have been ruminating over the following two posts for a while and I’ve had an epiphany. Yeah, slowpoke.jpg but still…

The only connection between Marimite and Taishou Yakyuu Musume that I see is that Mamiko Noto is in both.

Maybe the epiphany was that he has to form the team, but I don’t see how Marimite is involved.

UPDATE: Zyl e-mailed me to tell that the epiphany was to be more selective with screencaps in posts.

Praise to Bandai at Anime Diet

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Ray, apparently a co-blogger of the other Mike of animeblogging, announces to the world, under the title “Thank you very much Bandai!!!”:

Bandai Channel to Stream Anime in U.S., Eurasia at Start of 2010

NAMCO Bandai company switches to Flash to stream first Gundam in Japan… launch a distribution service for Japanese animation in America, Europe, and Asia…

Ray’s Take: Finally! The head, the chief, the big man is taking a giant step! Oh thank Bandai for feed me bunghole! I’m the Great Animeholio! I need Anime for my bunghole! You Bandai feed my bunghole? I thank you Bandai for feeding me bunghole!

I am afraid I don’t share the enthusiasm. Give me Download-to-Own with no restrictive DRM, please.