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Comments better than e-mail? Say it ain’t so!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Steven says:

And as for certain people who just mail their comments to me instead of posting them, I really wish you’d register, log in, and post for yourself.

It takes all kinds: I prefer comments by mail. At least with mail, nobody complains that it’s impossible to register. But I guess I’ll have to take it on board.

Linking is of course superior to both. BTW, check out a Google search for “” (Technorati denies knowledge). Another reason why Bing is useless.

Banner 01 vs Starship OPS 01

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

To verify my impression of S/OPS, I reviewed the opener of Banner of the Stars. As expected, it is an outstanding piece of work, and I liked it better. That said, it’s a bit different.

The most obvious part is that there are only 5 characters to present. This gives the creators of Banner the necessary room. In S/OPS they decided to pile it up, with rapid-fire introductions, and without the help of character announcements as in PPD. Was it so necessary? I think not. They wanted to showcase everyone involved, and I consider that a mistake.

But then Banner is the greatest military classic in anime form, and it’s no bigger shame for S/OPS to lose than for Lafiel to lose to Hecto-commander Kokoteil. I remain quite positive (while keeping the documented reservations).

P.S. The scene where everyone is looking at Jinto while voiceover runs was a pure genius. It felt good, it saved animation budget, it saved exposition time: win all around.

Crunchyroll’s “simulcast”

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Various people were making much out of the quantity or quality of anime that’s getting available on Crunchyroll. Indeed the expansion is tremendous with the 13 new “simulcast” titles for 2009 Autumn season. However, my answer to this is: no DTO-minus-DRM — no deal. See this credit card, Crunchyroll? It’s yours for the taking. You only need to do the same you’ve done with Strike Witches. You know I’m not bluffing, you have my transaction records. But I’m not buying your stinking “membership”.

UPDATE: Omo claims that “the distinction between DtO and streaming would just be another bump on the road beneath the rolling bandwagon of progress”. That is how media moguls see it. They hate people buying things, because they want us to pay rent instead. But I don’t share their vision. And “Youtube generation” is not that dumb either.

UPDATE MOAR: J.P. had no better to offer than to derail the discussion with an example of his lousy archival practices (he burned his illicit property on low quality media and had to re-download some of it). But what does it do with anything?! I am not burning anything anymore. Not that I lost anything, my media was good. It simply was too much hassle. I stopped burning before I bought Druaga from BOST, but that didn’t stop me from buying DTO for Strike Whitches. And why?

Because it’s not about the physical media, Omo. It’s about control. Has the story of Amazon erasing their customers’ books from Kindle taught you nothing?

ON TANGENT: Got this last comment from Omo about the update:

I think the Amazon case is illustrative, because that will never fly with CR. When you buy a book on the Kindle, you BUY. When you pay to watch stuff on CR, it’s considered a form of broadcasting. FWIW no sane person would sue Hulu for delisting a show on there, or sue FOX for canceling Family Guy or something.

The only thing I can see that could be problematic is that if let’s say CR announces 13 simulcasts, and 2 weeks later cancels 8 of them. A bunch of people who may have purchased a subscription due to their lineup now can piss on CR (and there may be federal laws on this).

It was my own fault for mentioning lessons from Kindle and not explaining what these lessons were. What he’s saying is right, but… ok, whatever.

Chris Beveridge strikes

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

He tackles the subject of paramount importance: Why Anime Is Superior to Western Animation (via).

Starship Operators begins

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Experience teaches us that posting an opening bracket after one episode is imprudent, but I cannot help it. The opener was simply that great.

Certainly, I am fully cognizant of the episode being an intentional teaser. Even such a small detail as a promise of hot carrier action in OP was inserted with that purpose. Nonetheless, it all fit just right: the correct balance of exposition, suspense, action, romance, characterization, and everything else a modern show ought to provide — all of it was there. And whom am I kidding, bridge bunnies and the chest parade unseen since Stellvia‘s hangar scene.

Speaking of falling back on the motorized wheelchair of comparisons, Starship Operators 01 was like taking dynamism and lightning-fast exposition of Vandread, the intricacy and grittiness of Banner of the Stars, and the space opera tradition with the reluctant hero of Nadesico, then melting them carefuly so as to not make it eclectic.

My biggest concern at this point is the knowledge about Zero no Tsukaima. There, too, J.C.Staff painstakenly collected everything that giants on the shoulders of whom they stood had to offer and used the lessons of the past to create an ultimate harem comedy to eclipse them all… for about six episodes. We all know how that ended: the infamy of milking and so on. I know that Starship Operators had no sequel, but I don’t know if that was pre-planned or caused by unravelling.

A smaller concern is the excess of characters.

P.S. What is the meaning of the flaming duck in the OP? So intriguing!

SDS excercises projection

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The post at O.M. claims a “strong fear” of being “ridiculed”, and doubts “if any anime nerd will ever be able to completely rid themselves of these feelings”.

I don’t know where he works, but in my company nobody can be fazed by anime. And even if they were, what difference does it make? If a Google employee lets it be known that he voted for McCain, it may be a career-limiting move. Anime? Not so much.

Anime can be scary for dolts but it’s their problem, not mine (not until they are in a position of power, at least).

Strong fear my posterior. Anime fans, stay strong. I suggest more fresh air and less psychosis and paranoia.

Evirus on Myself;Yourself

Monday, September 28th, 2009

The post at Karmaburn does not tell much about Myself;Yourself per se, except that he managed to complete it whereas I did not, but provides plenty of food for scheming about watching more harems.

I’m a big believer in the power of harem as the ultimate, distinctive anime form, even as it keeps disappointing me thanks to the Sturgeon’s Law. And my current list has major gaps, even if unlisted. Evirus’s post on M;Y helps to identify new candidates: Tokimeki Memorial, Saikano, Narutaru, and buttresses a decision to look at Gift and Da Capo. In theory, Gift is supposed to be very bad, and AoMM claimed incest, but then… unicorn.

UPDATE: Evirus e-mailed me that Saikano and Narutaru are not harems. He used them as examples of “shows where stuff famously goes bad after innocuous beginnings”.

Another Jason on Hayate bang-bang

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

If someone wants to see some hardcore fanboying for this season’s Hayate, look no further than the wrap-up post at Between. “Magnificent”, he says. There’s pretty much no show this season that didn’t have its hardcore fans, and Hayate probably deserves it. I was unable to get into it, but it wasn’t offensively bad or anything.

UPDATE: Ryan says “great” and “delight”. However, the ivocation of “Side stories and irrelevant episodes aside, Hayate the Combat Butler is quite charming” reminds me of all the panning Naruto receives for weaker episodes.

Real pencil boards

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

About a year after I bought a full-page Horo pencil board by MediaWorks, I got a chance to use it in anger. It turned out pretty amazing.

Previously, I used the “mini” boards that used to come with first-print R1 DVDs (in particular, Geneon’s Kamichu in R1 had them, and apparently Hanaukyo M.T. did too), and I found very quickly that a ball pen damages them. I had to select a less favourite side and write on top of it. I think in one semester I managed to scratch up about three of them. However, the Horo is made out of a much harder plastic and so far I see no sign of wear on it at all. Shocking, really. Stupid DVD vendors!

BTW, I never watched the anime, and I heard that in the second season “they collect a shota and Lawrence gets all jealous”. Heh.

Mahoraba is here

Friday, September 25th, 2009

At last my collection is complete. Maybe it was even worth it, at least to support the industry.

It would be ironic if a license announcement were to happen at NYAF. But it won’t, no worries.