Tayutama fails

September 24th, 2009 by Author

At the beginning of 04 we have the blond chick battling the supernatural, after being persuaded that Mashiro is a goddess for the whole previous episode (lady, why don’t you just play with those ears for yourself if you need any evidence). At that point I understood that it’s pointless to continue.

The art is as irritating as always. It’s not as bad as Manimani’s, but nonetheless the computerized style reeks with cheapness. Bloggers capture lots of good screenshots (see above), but as soon as Yuuri or his headphone sidekick get on the scene it’s eye-scratching time.

BTW, Hinano didn’t like the ending (spoilers). The way she describes it, it doesn’t sound bad at all (see the epic tragedy of F/SN). But anyhow, I don’t want to see for myself.