Evirus on Myself;Yourself

September 28th, 2009 by Author

The post at Karmaburn does not tell much about Myself;Yourself per se, except that he managed to complete it whereas I did not, but provides plenty of food for scheming about watching more harems.

I’m a big believer in the power of harem as the ultimate, distinctive anime form, even as it keeps disappointing me thanks to the Sturgeon’s Law. And my current list has major gaps, even if unlisted. Evirus’s post on M;Y helps to identify new candidates: Tokimeki Memorial, Saikano, Narutaru, and buttresses a decision to look at Gift and Da Capo. In theory, Gift is supposed to be very bad, and AoMM claimed incest, but then… unicorn.

UPDATE: Evirus e-mailed me that Saikano and Narutaru are not harems. He used them as examples of “shows where stuff famously goes bad after innocuous beginnings”.