Crunchyroll’s “simulcast”

September 29th, 2009 by Author

Various people were making much out of the quantity or quality of anime that’s getting available on Crunchyroll. Indeed the expansion is tremendous with the 13 new “simulcast” titles for 2009 Autumn season. However, my answer to this is: no DTO-minus-DRM — no deal. See this credit card, Crunchyroll? It’s yours for the taking. You only need to do the same you’ve done with Strike Witches. You know I’m not bluffing, you have my transaction records. But I’m not buying your stinking “membership”.

UPDATE: Omo claims that “the distinction between DtO and streaming would just be another bump on the road beneath the rolling bandwagon of progress”. That is how media moguls see it. They hate people buying things, because they want us to pay rent instead. But I don’t share their vision. And “Youtube generation” is not that dumb either.

UPDATE MOAR: J.P. had no better to offer than to derail the discussion with an example of his lousy archival practices (he burned his illicit property on low quality media and had to re-download some of it). But what does it do with anything?! I am not burning anything anymore. Not that I lost anything, my media was good. It simply was too much hassle. I stopped burning before I bought Druaga from BOST, but that didn’t stop me from buying DTO for Strike Whitches. And why?

Because it’s not about the physical media, Omo. It’s about control. Has the story of Amazon erasing their customers’ books from Kindle taught you nothing?

ON TANGENT: Got this last comment from Omo about the update:

I think the Amazon case is illustrative, because that will never fly with CR. When you buy a book on the Kindle, you BUY. When you pay to watch stuff on CR, it’s considered a form of broadcasting. FWIW no sane person would sue Hulu for delisting a show on there, or sue FOX for canceling Family Guy or something.

The only thing I can see that could be problematic is that if let’s say CR announces 13 simulcasts, and 2 weeks later cancels 8 of them. A bunch of people who may have purchased a subscription due to their lineup now can piss on CR (and there may be federal laws on this).

It was my own fault for mentioning lessons from Kindle and not explaining what these lessons were. What he’s saying is right, but… ok, whatever.