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Moero Amazon on Higepiyo

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Just to remind us that anime is vast, The Burning Amazon follows Hige-piyo. It looks like a spiritual successor to Potemayo, with Romi Pak (Nayuta Moriyama, etc.) in the main role. ANN says the format is a 5-minute episode, like Adventures of mini-Goddess or Haruhi-chan.

2DT on Video Girl Ai

Friday, September 25th, 2009

The post is basically the stuff we came to expect from 2D Teleidoscope, but it includes some hard info too, such as why Video Girl Ai forms the site’s banner.

I don’t “find it difficult to relate” or anything, but of course my perspective is different. I think of Video Girl Ai as an amusing relic if anything, far eclipsed by the better examples of modern anime.

This is amusing too:

But the brilliant part is that Ai isn’t just a fantasy given form. After she emerges from Youta’s shitty VCR, Ai is quite different from her video: She’s rude, she’s childish, she can’t cook nearly as well as she says, and at the start she only has so much patience for Youta before she wants to hit him. But ironically enough, because of all these flaws Ai comes across as more “real” than Youta’s human crush, Moemi, who is attractive and pleasant, but about as interesting as a plastic cutting board. Which love is real, and which is the fantasy?

2DT is right as far as anime goes, but IRL I would take Moemi any time. Dale Carnegie noticed that rudeness gnaws on marriage back in what? 1936? And exactly why would I want a bitch of a woman? Certainly there may be constraints, like not getting any from Moemi, thus settling for the second best, but given a choice I select the pleasant, thanks.

Tayutama fails

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

At the beginning of 04 we have the blond chick battling the supernatural, after being persuaded that Mashiro is a goddess for the whole previous episode (lady, why don’t you just play with those ears for yourself if you need any evidence). At that point I understood that it’s pointless to continue.

The art is as irritating as always. It’s not as bad as Manimani’s, but nonetheless the computerized style reeks with cheapness. Bloggers capture lots of good screenshots (see above), but as soon as Yuuri or his headphone sidekick get on the scene it’s eye-scratching time.

BTW, Hinano didn’t like the ending (spoilers). The way she describes it, it doesn’t sound bad at all (see the epic tragedy of F/SN). But anyhow, I don’t want to see for myself.

OS Nana-tan (Windows 7)

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Apparently the new OS-tan is being defined officially. She’s very cute and pleasant, yet somehow professional and sterile. Previous OS-tans were in a large part defined by their quirks. Clumsy ME, volumnous XP… My favourite was the veteran 95. But given she’s official, 7-tan does not have a defining personality flaw.

Lolikitsune on Honey and Clover

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

He opens with a barb that I cannot do better than simply quote, if only because I’m in full agreement:

According to ghostlightning, his wife, sybilant, hates tragedy. Apparently she enjoyed Honey & Clover all the way through, up until the ending—and apparently the ending was too much for her. When ghostlightning related this to me, I thought to myself, “was the ending… tragic?” I recalled lots of tragedy throughout the course of the show, be it in flashbacks (Morita’s family’s past) or in the present (Hagu’s accident), and compared to these instances of tragedy, the ending just didn’t measure up for me.

If he were a troll such as the one his reputation is, he would have stopped right here. But what follows is a masterful analysis, laying on the foundation of deceptively simple common sense that academic douchebags find difficult to fake. Just think back to the omni-popping bicycle wheel, and see that he speaks the truth when he mentions Yuta carries the nostalgia from the start.

Aside from Honey and Clover, Lolikit also applies his clear outlook to 5cm and boy, does that sparkle. I already see the faithful raising the “you do not understand” defense. It’s only a small part though.

(Thanks to IcyStorm for the broken link reminder, fixed now).

UPDATE: DiGiKerot is not taking it, in comments:

But putting that aside for a second, such a large part of nostalgia is the yearning for days gone by and the knowledge that such days will never return, the craving for past experiences you’ll never have again. It’s depressing, mournful, sad – nostalgia is inherently tragic.

So, if you want to argue semantics, it thereby follows that whilst the ending to H&C isn’t a tragedy, it is still tragic ^^;

(you have a blog, blog it on your blog, yada yada)

Otakumex around the corner in Albuquerque

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I didn’t know that Otakumex was reincarnated, to be run this weekend (September 25). The con last year was supposed to be a one-off, set up by a travelling group of professional promoters. The domain was backed up by a real website last year, but now it redirects to Ning. I suspect that some locals decided to carry on, and probably paid off the original group to get the domain redirect.

I’m not going, it does not seem anywhere as cool as last year. The program is heavily dominated by one peddler of the gay smut (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and some other things (ditto), and it does not sound very interesting. Also, I have a lot of homework to catch upon.

Looking forward to Akita

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I made a post about my upcoming trip to Akita at one of my numerous blogs and an online acquaintance commented:

I used to live in Ugo-Honjo shi of Akita Pref. when I was an elementary school kid, which city faced the Ocean of Japan.
This area produces really nice sake wine and is famous for lots of beautiful women in Japan, known as “Akita Bijin”. I envy you..

No need for envy, I don’t drink alcohol.

Hinano on Sora no Manimani

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In short, she didn’t like it, because “why bother building up all the romance crap at the beginning only to completely drop it at the end??” Considering my revulsion and Hinano’s enthusiasm about the beginning of the series, I can only welcome this outcome. I would still reject Manimani even if it were a masterpiece, for personal reasons. Fortunately, I don’t have to use that card on this pathetic little anime.

Wing Commander anime

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

No, there wasn’t an announcement, but wouldn’t it be awesome if someone (someone other than GONZO) produced a modern adaptation of the Wing Commander? Perhaps even reimagined Christopher Blair as a magical girl? The games themselves had a Visual Novel built in, so that’s already done. There was also a universally reviled Hollywood live action, and an American animation. Now we just need an anime.

Aroduc on Whispered Words

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Again the Aro-nouto period is upon us, but it’s not my fault that other bloggers post nothing interesting. Meanwhile in the Autumn 2009 preview:

If Ushio was male, this would be just some ignored generic shoddy romance, but because she’s a female, suddenly this supposedly becomes creative and interesting.

Indeed. Even J.C.Staff found this sort of thing a tall order. Good luck, AIC.

BTW, aside from Whispered Words, someone else gets a bat:

This is probably the only one of the sequels that I actually have a personal grudge against. If the world had fewer of these ‘romance’ shows where the girl is some kind of perfect angel that was just waiting for the milquetoast male to glance her way so her life could be whole, I’d be rather pleased. I just dream of the day that psychological pandering is as reviled as physical pandering. Okay, I’m done with the soap box now.

Wait a moment, he was just calling for SHAFT to produce “another terrible ef spinoff” a few paragraphs up… I understand giving the Hypocritic Oath, but doing so in the same post is a bit much, isn’t it?